What was the last movie you watched?

Ghostly Reflections

RIP Meat Loaf. Legendary singer.
Just saw Jungle Cruise recently, way better than I expected!

Very entertaining, adventurous film with AMAZING use of music too! The INCREDIBLE Nothing Else Matters cover of Metallica was used so BEAUTIFULLY and PROFOUNDLY in it!

I genuinely can't believe how good and entertaining it was! Much darker than I expected too! A real surprise hit and it's left such a powerful impact on me even now still! Haunting movie....

It's like a blend of Pirates of the Carribean, the first film especially but also some shades of the 5th film, Salazars Revenge/Dead Men Tell No Tales which I also love and also some other films like Indiana Jones, The Mummy, The Road To El Dorado etc...

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Sorry To Bother You…10/10, but holy shit, there is NO chance you’ll see the ending coming :usoprice:
HAHAHAHA, I fucking watched this movie with my mum with having no idea with what to expect! I COMPLETELY REGRETTED IT as I guess you can imagine ofc! That was a traumatic experience hahahaha! Such a CRAZY, explicit, weird and extreme film! That ending was WILD indeed!

Thanks to that film, I keep checking the Parents Guide on IMDB for scenes like that before I watch any film, especially with her ofc!

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