What was the last movie you watched?

Venom 2

short movie but great comedy especially that “break up scene” and great chemistry between Venom and Eddie. The villains! The guy who played Kasady, hands down! Carnage and Venom together was 🔥 Great direction and almost natural fight scenes between the two aliens.

Bakazuki Bakainu

I'm tired of driving 'til I see stars in my eyes.

Brilliant film, great twists and dark comedy. Arnold is hilariously great in it too, he definitely had a lot of fun!^ Definitely made me laugh and I enjoyed the unique concept of it!

Another great film, a lot of people hate the 2nd half and change in tone/genre/writing but I really liked it and think it added a lot of heart and emotion to it. I really enjoyed it when I was younger and rewatched it recently and absolutely loved it.

Intense, psychological thriller that gets really fucking dark/horrifying imo. David Tennant is even more fearsome than his Purple Man role in Jessica Jones maybe, who already was intense, brutal ,terrifiyng etc? It's such a surreal contrast to seeing him be his jovial self IRL and his magnificent roles in Doctor Who and some other movies and shows.

But I know he does do more serious roles like Broadchurch/Gracepoint too ofc. He's an amazing actor along with Peter Capaldi, Karen Gillan and John Barrowman for example, Scotland does produce some fantastic actors!

Robert Sheehan is great too, with his Irish charms as well! For anyone who knows him from the Misfits show in the UK, which is batshit insane, extremely vulgar but also darkly hilarious, tragic, mature, well written and acted etc, this film is a treat for fans of his too naturally!

A very heartfelt, bittersweet, tragic in places, underrated as hell, mature film^. A lot of implied depth/seriousness to it that adds so much to it too. The Cornetto Trilogy which is Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End are all bloody brilliant (literally even), in their own ways and so entertaining with great acting, twists, writing etc.


Aprillia Tuono 660
Dune (2021), 5/5. I thought this film was brilliant both in terms of visuals/cinematography as well as how they managed to translate the the high concept content from the book to the big screen. I hope this makes enough money so that WB will Greenlight the sequel!
Im almost sleep because its really lack of actions and i dont understand the world building either.


Thou Shalt Not Die
My Name 8.5/10
Imo is the best double agent movie/series so far, Han So-Hee played the role very well.

Dune 7/10
A bit disappointed that it wasn't as big as my expectations.