What was the last movie you watched?

No Time To Die 8/10

Jungle Cruise 9/10

Trolls: World Tour 8/10

Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformia 8/10

Kill Me Three Times 4/10

No Time To Die was good despite me hating the Daniel Craig era of Bond or at least finding it "boring" and "too grim", but NTTD put a new perspective for me on them and I enjoyed the overarching story from previous films and the conclusion of Craig's Bond's character arc with this one too. It was very mature and emotional imo. The beginning was absolutely beautiful, stunning and exciting and the finale was truly heart wrenching, controversial and conclusive without saying too much.

Jungle Cruise was really good imo, the completely unexpected and amazing orchestral cover of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters was used so unbelievably profoundly and it was a way better film than I was expecting it to be too. The Rock/Dwayne Johnson was really entertaining and a tragic, nuanced character who played his role well and you really can feel the Pirates of the Carribean influence, especially the OG and best, most atmospheric, iconic, stylish and stunning film, the very first one, Curse of the Black Pearl.
It was more darker and emotional than I predicted it to be, it really took me by surprise and I was engaged to the end. Some of the things could have been a lot better in it but it's still a really fun, entertaining, adventurous, escapist etc blockbuster film.

Trolls: World Tour and Hotel Transylvania: Transformia were really good and get way too much hate imo. I really enjoy the previous films in the series and they brought me much needed joy, escapism and laughs, I was really entertained by both. Very funny, feel good and entertaining films.
Makes me wish my cousin sister was here as she would have loved watching these but her and her side of the family are living in Dubai now instead, sigh. These films are really good for kids/families imo.

On that note too, I saw both The Croods films recently and they were way better than I expected too, I underestimated them a lot as well. I would genuinely rate them at 8 or 9 out of 10 for each. Brilliant films that are way more clever, heartwarming, fun, entertaining and emotional than I expected.

Kill Me Three Times had an interesting premise and the fantastic Simon Pegg in an interesting main role but aside from the picturesque/gorgeous location for filming but it was very hollow and underwhelming as a film unfortunately. Just bland characters who you couldn't get invested in it and despite Simon's charming personality and "groovy style", I just felt so let down, so disappointed by the end of the film, just felt empty honestly. This deserved to be a lot better.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Don’t get the hype, filled with nothing but slow motion every 5 minutes and fake “deep” writing.
That's what I feared it would be like. Very oversaturated/dragged out and pretentious. I'm not a fan of his at all, I used to be but I find him "too edgy/grim" and just dull now honestly. 300 was his best film I've seen imo. I tried to rewatch Man of Steel on TV recently and could not just get into it. His films are just too bleak and thus listless for me.

I suspected with how obnoxiously long his Justice League version is, that it would suffer from the issues you mentioned. If some people enjoy that, more power to them of course but it just seems like pretentious misery fuel.

I thought the LOTR films were bad enough at being 3-3.5 hours although I've not seen them yet, but I know Indian films to be that long and I've only ever enjoyed a couple of those so far lol. Even recent superhero films clocking in around 2-2.5 hours or so have felt they were dragging on a little at least, but 4 hours is just overkill by far.
I know people said its seperated by chapters and it feels more like 2 films in one but I also know JL was meant to be 2 films at least and it sounds like it wants to be a mini TV series even here.

I have at least 6 other more interesting and niche films to talk about, that I also have watched recently but I'll save it for a future post as this is way lengthy enough as it is lol.
i underestimated this movie at first, but im trying to watch the movie and yeah its really a good movie!!
Same tbh, I thought it would be very dull/generic and not having much heart, I couldn't have been more wrong hahaha! I really regret not seeing it at the cinema now! It left me in such shock and my heart strings tugged so much!

It came out for rental quite soon after the cinema showings and I felt the urge to watch it suddenly and usually like with films like No Time To Die and Alita: Battle Angel for example, I was not keen on watching them beforehand but suddenly I'll get a desire and gut instinct to watch them and then I find out they are really good, that I really enjoy them and wonder why I didn't watch them sooner lmao.

Glad to see you enjoyed it too anyway, that makes me happy as well! Cheers!

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The island 2005
Seeing a 20 year old Scarlett Johnasson is reason enough to watch the movie but it was better than i expected
Classic michael bay action scenes but it wasn't too crazy and was fun to watch also the story and characters were good even if the acting wasn't the best
If it was a bit shorter it could have been a solid 8/10
Boogie Nights (1997) 4.5/5 Really damm good movie by Paul Thomas Anderson. A nice showcase of the adult film industry with the fun of the 70s and the excess of the 80s. The 2nd half of the film is a completely different tone compared to the first half.

PTA film ranking so far:

1) Phantom Thread
2) Boogie Nights
3) There Will Be Blood
4) The Master
5) Inherent Vice
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Sanji D Goat

Just binged through the whole G.I. Joe movies franchise.

1. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

7/10. Cool actions and decent cast. Some scenes are weird with the CGI but it's fine. As much as I liked Scarlett and Baroness, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow pretty much carry the whole franchise. There are some cool twists like the doctor turned out to be Rex but other than that, enjoyable movie.

2. G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013)

Also 7/10. Good actions and less CGI this time. But unfortunately Duke died too early so there's that. Dwayne Johnson was cool in the movie and once again, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow carry the franchise.

3. Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins (2021)

9/10. Lot of people trashing on this movie but who cares. This is definitely the best G.I. Joe movie for me yet. It cover a whole flashback about Snake Eyes and Tommy Arashikage (now Storm Shadow) which I really liked. There are some of my favorite actors like Iko Uwais (The Raid, Headshot, Wu Assassins) and Peter Mensah (300, Tears of the Sun) in the movie. The plot is alright and the villain is decent. The actions is top notch though.