Questions & Mysteries Which character will be the first one to destroy Lunarian defense?

Our attacks are only effective when they're flames drop"
Still doesn't change the meaning bro.
Yes referring to the attacks used

Shouldn't he ignore that attack since he won't get damaged?
Because it would change his aim. If you can't get damaged =/= can't get affected

If King was really scared of CoC like you say, he wouldn't be putting his body on the line at all.
Doffy didn't have a sword and Sanji was too weak, like Doffy neg diff'd him as a side quest.
I never said he was scared of COC. He was scared of Zoro's attackPotency. Again actively blocking with body is something several characters have done. Even Sanji did it against Judge's spear
Doffy not having a sword is irrelevant to him using his body. He has strings
King was scared of CoC but used his leg to block zoro's sword

Gets in every example wounded even with CoC coating with his flames on his back turned off.

Zoro himself says even after he defeated King to pay attention when their flames turn off, if that wont convince anyone nothing will.
There are clearly moments where King attacks and his flame defense involuntarily turns off. Obviously he doesn’t want to turn off his invincibility. But he seemingly has to in order to use certain attacks. That’s where he is most vulnerable. This is primarily why he started to become more defensive because Zoro aimed for openings between attacks.