Which WG fanbase has the most toxic members?

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No that's not what Im talking about.

You are thinking that the most toxic ones are the representatives of the Zoro fandom. I can do the same for the Sanji fandom using Pedxi, Stealthblack, OMA, black hair, kurohime, Panda Man and Big D Kaios as well. But I know that these guys are not the "representatives" of the entire Sanji fandom exactly like those 6 aren't the representatives of the Zoro fandom. It really is that simple.

Me and Panda aren’t remotely toxic

we’re just a bit aggressive with our views
Tbh sanji fans shouldn’t even remotely be labled as “toxic” i have yet to meet a rude sanji fan

every time sanji fans confront zoro fans it’s with pure and genuine respect despite the difference in views but the zoro guys would bash them and instantly shit talk just because lol….
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So yeah dk why sanji fans aka the most logical, non toxic fanbase are on this poll.

I can only assume agenda reasons lol