Questions & Mysteries Which OP Youtubers y'all watch? If you do?

Which OP Youtubers Y'all watch?

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I'm conflicted over Rogersbase.
Sometimes I think he just wants clicks and is kinda arrogant and fake.
Some of his videos are good tho and I liked some of his musical stuff, like that WCI song. He definitely CAN sing.
I assure you my reactions are always genuine. Years ago, I came to terms with the fact that not everybody will vibe with my content and that's totally cool but I'm always forthright whenever I get spoiled.

I'm sure the arrogance thing comes from how I'll respond to fan theories sometimes or when I'm staunchly defending/railing against a story point that I feel strongly about. I never want to come across that way and I've gotten better at catching myself doing it but sometimes my initial visceral reaction to something on a live stream may not be people's cup of tea, lol

As for the clicks thing that I've seen comes up in this thread a lot about me and so many of my peers, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.
We're ALWAYS thinking about clicks and trying to drive clicks. That's how you grow! Even the OP YouTubers that you would think would never make a video for clicks are doing it for clicks. In fact, they're usually the worst offenders, haha.

Appreciate you watching my content and liking my songs! NAKAMA! :)
GLR is the only one worth watching, mostly because he barely does reviews & that's ALL everyone else does. I like his arbitrary Top lists.

He also realizes that people want to hear his voice, but not look at his face. If I wanted to see a human ranting about OP in a studio apartment, I'd buy a mirror