Speculations Who is immune to Boa Hancock's beauty ?


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No one

Even luffy would fall if he was with ussop .
Hancock strongest character in all of op

I genuinely can't see the likes of Akainu falling to it lol. But I can't be sure either.

We know how Momonga, such a serious man, had to literally stab himself in order to not be stoned lol.

It would be cool to see it with Mihawk as well hmm.

As per Luffy, I am about as skeptical I suppose.


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Something I’ve always wondered is whether Luffy would be affected by Hancock if Usopp was with him.
Hmmm why do you believe it would make a specific difference?

IIRC Luffy's nature is always the same. Generally never showing any attraction to women, he is the greatest food lover ever along with Bonney on the other side of the moon. :)

It could be debatable whether or not Boa's power can affect ALL men and women, but so far it is only proven that only the ones that are at least slightly attracted by her would get stoned I guess lol.

And I mean her beauty in general.