Speculations Who is immune to Boa Hancock's beauty ?

any straight male is not immune imho, unless coa can be used to counter it, but I doubt it, so far coa was not shown countering the broken powers. and boa herself likely has good haki.
You clad your nether regions in haki to prevent them from going beserk.

Plus even if you are immune to the lust, her attacks will still petrify your body parts when she gets a clean hit (which is must, you can't dodge or block every hit with haki in a high level fight). It's like thinking you are safe from Big mom just coz she can't still your soul.


The Road To Harmony
This -
Fujitora cuz he's blind :fujilaugh:
Along with him, Zoro (One Piece Party, which is overseen by Oda, showed him immune to her beam), Chopper (He's a reindeer uninterested in humans), Mihawk (Seems about the same type as Zoro), Kuma (I'm basing this of his resemblance to Ninomiya Sontoku, a philosopher too concerned with bigger questions over fleeting desires), Sakazuki (Only thinks about "Justice").