General & Others Who is the most overrated character in OP?


I don't hate him in the least. It's just kinda surprising that a lot of people talking like he's some super well-written character that got kill of, but in my opinion, he's not even a real character before Oda tries to kill him. He's always Luffy's back story character whose sole purpose is to die/
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Ero cook fans going nuts calling most adored and worshipped God Zoro as the most overrated char LOL weebs. He yet to go all out, wait until he shows his Ashura mode XD
Yeah man! He will cut onigashima in half and one shot bm and kaido, the afterwaves will one shot IM and lead the path to raftel! He yet to show his true strength. Man already killed mihawk but right before that he cucked him by showing perona his black blade in front of him.

TLDR: Zoro is god and this is his infinite tsukuyomi that were watching when he opened his eye back in sabaody archipelago and anyone who disagrees are ero cook fans or ''haters''.

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Ace, Zoro, Jiraiya, Rayleigh all suffer from fans overhyping them, at least here. Certain Sanji fans overhype him too much.

In general, which OP character do I think doesn't deserve their following? I'd argue Luffy, haven't felt much attachment to him in awhile. Also find Shanks to be a really bland and uninteresting character.
For me big mom is the most interesting of the yonko by far, then its black beard and then kaido/shanks share last place. Though we havent seen kaido's backstory so that could change idk.
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Oden -> being put exactly equal or above Admirals , when non awakened Logia Admirals already looked as strong as him

-> being put above Mihawk , i think this makes no sense . if Oden was stronger than Mihawk , then Oden would've been set as Zoro's opponent to get WSS title instead of Mihawk

only feats are in Oden's favour . portrayal and hype are in Mihawk's favour i think .

but then again Mihawk's feats later are gonna be better than Oden most likely . he has more skills + his MF slashes already dwarfed Oden's + he is the only holder of a supreme grade black blade which may be an indication that Oda intended him as the strongest swordsman to ever exist in OP world ( before Zoro )

But Oden in the other occasions was put above Emperors too i think .

- Hancock .
she lacked feats . but was put around Doflamingo . lacked portrayal and hype too i think , to be considered on Doflamingo's lvl

i think from Shichibukai , Kuma was the closest to Doffy , infact the dude was often portrayed next to him in their Warlords time
- In Mariejois , they appeared together
- also Kuma's bounty is the 2nd closest to Doffy , 296 and 340 millions
- in Marineford , they both attacked Oars Jr. , while Mihawk got Whitebeard and Hancock got Pacifistas
- in Brannew's speech in ch.700 , Kuma was mentioned right next after Doffy

but don't care about Hancock being overrated . with Oden , it's a bit annoying .
My man Law is underrated, as this thread proves. Man gets no respect right now because he’s been with the straw haters too long despite the fact that he’s a beast. You’ll have people try to convince you he’s not a good character because he’s not a lovable idiot or unbeatable savant. I’m also not a fan of how Oda used him in Dressrosa to make Luffy look good. :seriously:

Sabo is not overrated either, he’s just a poor character so far.

Oden is a perfect example of overrated. Has done... not much in the grand scheme of the story, never mentioned before this arc, yet Some fans treat him like his story wasn’t just a vehicle to show more of Roger and Whitebeard in the past.
Can't mention only one...

Mihawk: Rivals Shanks in swordplay ≠ Rivals Shanks overall...
Zoro: Nuff said...
Sanji: Only seemed powerful as almost everyone thinks he is because he's a ZSJ...
Jinbe: Many people thinks he's too OP to join the crew but most of them just hate the fact that Zoro and Sanji won't be the only ones with "only a few steps closer" to Luffy's power...
Sabo: Fujitora doesn't seem to be fighting seriously during their clash...
BB: There's a reason why he avoids fair fights and doesn't want to face Akainu despite having his complete crew that time...
Worst Generation (outside Luffy and Kid): They're just contemporaries, not equals in terms of power...
Shanks (this is the obvious one lol)
Zoro (and this badass guy too unfortunately)
Luffy (his fckin plot armor ruins the OP powerlevel system)
King (saying he's above lord kuri when he has nothing to show except having advantage in air to kick BM ship which is great feats tho, but not enough to put him above lord kuri)
Garp n rayleigh (and generally all oldgens in their prime and old version)
Sabo n marco (saying they are comparable with admirals lol)
Magellan (pre ts luffy could make him kneeling)
Oden (wasted talent who was too naive, he is not that far from mid top tier, i would say inbetweener low top tier and mid top tier at best i guess lol)
Beckman (kizaru wasnt fckin scared at all lol)
Bege (this guy is weakling in NW, doesnt have combat abilities, but he does his job using his brain and acts like a boss, thats what make him looks strong)
Yasopp (this guy is not a fighter, he's fckin incomparable sniper, he does his job from very long range, he wont do shit in a combat, so at best i would say he is vet level, not YC level, eventho he seems that he is a commander in RH pirates)
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