Powers & Abilities Why Blocking a Laser is so impressive: A breakdown of the buildup lasers have received in the story up to Egghead.

I appreciate the effort put into making this post, so I will answer this seriously.

First of all, the impressive thing isn't blocking laser, it's about scattering it.

Secondly, that scene is about speed feat.

Thirdly, Sanji can do that through Ifrit Jambe.

Further backup :

1. Sanji's eyebrow is switched, he is in Exo mode
2. There is a white sparks coming out of it, a trait of Ifrit Jambe.
3. Power of Love is referring to his gene stuff. See S-Shark scene : Exo ON = Power of Love.
Reminder for Sanjibros who still got mad at people mocking Sanji's things to be "genes" : Zoro has CoC. It's literally given for free by "the heaven/fate/destiny".

At least Judge spent a lot of efforts to develop the gene, and Sanji had to sacrifice a lot for Germa to give it to him.
Zoro compares them like a laser since they move like it they aren't a laser , King's attack has the weight of his Head and the speed of laser while that nameless Laser that sanji blocked was weightless and still had sanji sweating to block it .

This is King's head btw :

Sanji can't block King's attack, he should be grateful if he didn't die or lose a limb if he tried blocking it .
Trying to block an attack in mid air with no footing is not possible to begin with. That's not exactly a good example.
The buildup for lasers is only more proof that Sanji's feat is either attributable to;

1. Vegaboots - because of all the times Sanji interacted with lasers, he has only blocked lasers with his leg (wearing vegaboots). Other times he got pierced like everyone else.


2. New ability (not power of love) - Kizaru's response to Sanji's "power of love" claim was to show that Sanji's reasoning was ridiculous. Instead, this is to show it is not a literal power of love but rather a new ability Sanji has gained through his gene activation allowing him to interact with light. Since stealth black has a connection with light manipulation through the RS ability, it would make sense that Sanji in base gained a similar ability like all his siblings in base.
Haki exists to counter devil fruit powers, especially logias. I don't understand why Lanji fans are pretending Kizaru's powers are any different. Especially a base laser that he was aiming at bonney. And he was wearing light touching boots, this is just sad.
If you think Oda drew Kizaru's most expressive reaction of bewilderment ever at Sanji blocking his laser in spite of, according to you, laser's being easily counterable by haki... then you're lost and this has nothing to do with being a Sanji fan or a hater.

Kizaru is an admiral, he has fought tons of haki users; hell, he has fought top tiers. If his lasers could be easily blocked by a haki that isn't even impressive (since Sanji's armament isn't that great), then he wouldn't have reacted the way he did.

One thing is liking or disliking a character; another thing is being absolutely biased against obvious messages by Oda.