Powers & Abilities Why Blocking a Laser is so impressive: A breakdown of the buildup lasers have received in the story up to Egghead.

They could be. We know Vegapunk made them to be super heavy and super light, so him giving them the same tech as the photon gloves wouldn't be too crazy.
But again, it's likely it's just Haki.
Why didn’t anyone think it was because of the boots? Kizaru us familiar with Vegapunk tech, yet was shocked that his laser could be blocked
Everybody poinst to Vegapunk boots ? Nice argument . However , they forgot one key point in that sequence. Goddamn Admiral Kizaru did not come Egghead for the first time. Kizaru know that island very well. He lived there for a while and had a close relationship with Vegapunk . I asssume he knows very well these kind of simple thing in the island. If Kizaru shocked about that , he know Sanji is the one blocking laser himself not boot. :) Let's skip that bullshit argument anymore.
Yeah. I'm no Sanji wanker or Zoro wanker. I like both of them. Personally, I don't try to twist logic in a way that makes them look bad, so I fail to understand why people are so convinced about things like Sanji not blocking it himself.

It is highly likely that he did from my perspective. The odds that the technology is responsible for it would mean from a narrative standpoint that the author himself put Sanji in a position where he was being untruthful. I don't think he would do that to any of his characters... and if not for the boots, if they are responsible, then Sanji supposedly would've melted his foot off.

I doubt that shit... he wasn't lucky that he didn't get his foot melted. It wouldn't have happened even if it was his bare foot.

Truly, I feel if the divisive attitudes keep up throughout the end of the story - many of the memorable points of the story will be glossed over because it'll be popular to mock the characters during those moments rather than appreciate what the author tried to do.
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Or Judge's genetics genius.
It can't be attributed to Judge because Judge is the very person who tried to stop Sanji from gaining these powers (emotions are his powers and Judge tried to stop him from using them).

It's a clear case. Even if Judge inadvertantly had allowed Sanji to have an Exoskeleton, it is Sanji's power itself which has evolved that Exoskeleton.

You're being unreasonable about it.