Current Events Why does Zoro want to fight Kaido?


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Why is Zoro so adamant and fixated on fighting Kaido when he usually leaves the main villain to Luffy but this time he wants to fight Kaido too. Is this some sort of subordination or him wanting to be some sorta big shot above his captain?
This arc is particularly special for him since he emotionally shares a bond with this country for the Ryuma matter as well as his childhood.

His master was a Shimotsuki after all....

Plus he got Enma and learned of his story you know, all of these make him the perfect candidate to face Kaido. :)
I think this arc is where Zoro separates himself as the only other strawhat with a strength related goal and as such views himself as vital to the success of the crew combating emperors moving forward
Whether he realizes how much he adds strength wise to the alliance, wants to help the scabbards survive or is looking to test himself, all require his direct involvement with the major players
Because only the strong can help against Kaido.
People want to see the 6th or 7th strongest guys in the alliance to go against Kaido but they don't want to see Zoro go after Kaido when he is the 2nd strongest?

You can argue that he will go after King who is the 3rd strongest enemy after the 2 yonko but Zoro going after Kaido also is a possibility.