General & Others Why have we not seen a single character who aspires to be a Yonko?

Yonko title

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Yonko are silver medalists, no one aspire to be a such.
Would you find someone who aspires to be the number 2 in his field in real life?

That's why everyone wants to be the PK, even the Yonko themselves
In order to be pirate king, you have to exceed the Yonko. They can't really seem to beat each other... but then no one else is beating them right now.
@Rosella.Fiamingo 's thread got me thinking of this particular issue.

In case of Mihawk and prestige of his title, there is a much easier explanation
Combat related ambitions are often given lack of focus, such as not a single soul wanting to go after WB's title directly.
But it is by default because of scope of such titles.

Like you don't need to be gunning for WB to be WSM, you need to be strongest to be WSM. So if you are a fighter and you are getting stronger, and trying to be as strong as you possibly can be, innate goal has to be strongest in the world.

If you are practicing swordsmanship as a kid like Shanks has, innate goal has to be Strongest swordsman in the world. Those people in the Dojo Zoro is from, are trying their absolute best to be greatest swordsmen they can possibly be. There are countless Dojos like those where there are people training to make themselves as good a swordsman as possible.

That automatically gives Mihawk's title prestige, as its not a judges contested title, there is no one way to become WSS, you don't need to beat Mihawk to be WSS, you need to be WSS to be WSS meaning you just need to be stronger than every other swordsmen.

In the contrary a title like Pirate King requires specific efforts, you can't just become Pirate King by chance. Even if you are strong enough to be pirate king, talented enough to be pirate king, have leadership skills of Pirate King, you won't be pirate king until you get the poneglyphs and go to Raftel.

Yonkou title is of similar nature to Pirate King title where you can be talented enough to be an emperor like Teach was prior to his battle with Marco and the rest but he only became an emperor after winning that war. Being a Yonkou is a positioning in the World which you need to make specific efforts directed towards specific goal to get, its more of a doing the check list rather than having a certain amount of talent and skill that is requirement for Whitebeard and Mihawk's title.

Then how come no one, not a single soul, no Worst Gen member, no Gifter, no Pleasure, no pirate in East Blue wishes to be an emperor?
How come Emperors themselves don't wish to be emperors?
Oh shit you beat me to it.
Answer is simple, Yonkou is not a Gold Medal title like WSM, WSS, Pirate King.

There is no bigger achievement as a swordsman you can have than WSS, its literally strongest in the World. When you train as a swordsman as a kid, innate aspiration must be to be the best.

Yonkou don't represent the best, Yonkou by its actual mean represents failure, its four people who have failed to achieve the gold medla in their domain. Why would someone strive to be a failure?