General & Others Why have we not seen a single character who aspires to be a Yonko?

Yonko title

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What do you mean actively seeking?
Like literally every insect and decently strong person Mihawk has crushed. Mihawk's statement suggests so many people come to challenge him, he can't even remember their names.

Like literally every single swordsman training in every single Dojo, who have dedicated their life to training in swordsmanship as a kid and never stopped training until they got old and reached their primes. There are many people like that including Shanks, Oden, Kinnemon, Ashura, etc

Shanks lost his dominant arm and he realized he isn't strong enough to be WSS. What do you mean he doesn't give a damn about WSS title, literally first thing he wants to do with Mihawk when he meets Mihawk is to challenge him.

What bigger fish to fry? He is literally stuck with inferior silver medalist title that he didn't even want. Like literally Shanks reaches prime of his strength has his greatest battles than looses his arm, bets it on new era which literally means Shanks has done all he wants to do in life.

And even then he ends up becoming an emperor. All it shows is how much easier it is to become an emperor compared to becoming a WSS. Shanks at his physical prime couldn't become a WSS, Shanks loosing his dominant arm and no where near his prime strength, Mihawk would mid/high diff Shanks currently, became an emperor.
But in mihawk own words, pk is harder to achieve than pk

And yonko are the closest to pk
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What do you mean?
When you actively train the hardest and aim to be the best, you automatically want WSS.

What's the difference between every other swordsman that trains his hardest like Shanks and Zoro?

Or those swordsmen that Mihawk has crushed?

What do you mean no mention?
What happens if Mihawk accepted and Shanks some how miraculously managed to win?

The last thing I said is literally true. One armed Shanks no where near his prime can become an emperor. Shanks in his physical prime was never strong enough to be strongest swordsman

Your head canon is outstanding
Where was it stated that shanks is no longer in prime ffs

And how dò you comclude he lost his dominant we have never seen shanks fight

Also shanks cleary became a yonkou 4 years before luffy set out that neans he became stronger enough to rival whitebeard, big mom and kaido who had a head start hefore him, so quit it with shanks is not in his prime, cause ryt now he is and he hasn't even reached 40 years lol
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For you people saying yonko is a shitty title it isn't

Cause the new world is ruled by them...and also fir the past 22 years no one has been able to reak pk or challenge them

So calling the title useless just means you don't actually read the story
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The Yonkos are the Pirate Kings of the world on a smaller scale. Yonkos are larger scale pirates, but they didn’t come from nothing without a big crew and allies. The Yonkos are not Pirate King level and there will be a new level, going after the throne of the world after Luffy defeats Kaido.