Powers & Abilities Why Zoro has two advanced Hakis and Sanji doesn't even have one?

Why? Just Why? WHY?

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It always perplexes me for such strength rivals and Chicken Wings

Oda has made it terribly hard to imagine the equality.

Zoro first got Ryou and started launching Haki waves and controlling his Ryou by regulating the flow, fighting against Enma's own pull of his Ryou and shit


Then he unlocked Advanced Version of Haki that isn't even his specialty

Then he showed even CoC Based Barrier

Mean while Sanji hasn't even show Advanced CoO?
Instead he's just judge's sperm awakening and shit like that??

@Sasaki Kojirō
@Red Admiral
Says who
Who set the cap mate
How often did big mom use coc or advanced haki .

which admiral has coc. When has bb shown advanced haki .
The cap is in the story.

Meme had to be made retarded and into a Tom and Jerry end where even all their sneak attacks didn't ever ko her
They threw her down a hole and she set off bombs on herself.
And she wasn't allowed to use her strongest power in acoc

Law has no advanced hakis and awakened why does he lose to admirals ?
Because they also have awakened and have at least 2 advanced hakis
And if Law doesn't improve to that level he won't ever reach that level

Bb has always been an exception due to multiple fruits and even he is being lambasted and stated to need another fruit to just compete with luffy at the moment
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Can't cut sanjis fire its his leg. Can zoro even cut plasma flames? Magma like flames is like 2 tiers below plasma flames.

Sanji could blast a hole through zoros chest with anti manner kick course
Sanjis leg is even less relevant than his fodder fire
Zoro doesn't even need coc to slice that off.


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
funniest thing about the responses in this thread is katakuri has coc
advanced observation
clearly much better versed in haki than king the wildfire yet @shishio and many others here will agree king is stronger
perhaps the are other abilities in the story which even the playing field than just haki.

Sanji's germa boost was massive .
There are levels to Haki and you know this.

Shit base = shit Haki proficiency.

Yamato for example = Has AdvCoC ( for whatever reason lol ) and she can't do shit with it because her base ap is shit.

As for Katakuri, like seriously. What does he have above King? Cause it's neither ap nor defenses.

About other abilities "even the playing field". I think up until a certain point.

I cling to this like crazy but this is basically what the author tells us thru his characters.

Kaido said that Haki > everything and Roger was number one because of his op as fuck Haki.

( Also Law says that if Haki is strong it can nullify DF effects which only makes Haki even more retarded and powerful than it was ).