Future Events Will Luffy’s fight with Kaido be a pure 1v1?

Will Luffy’s next fight with Kaido be a pure 1v1?

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I want to gauge everyone’s opinion on whether or not the next round of Luffy vs Kaido is a pure 1v1.

I think there are a few good reasons to think it won’t be.

1.) Zoro’s unresolved threads with Kaido.
2.) The potential of a tag team with Yamato ala Law.
3.) Kidd & Law’s 2v1 against Big Mom.

I think this fight starting out as a 2v1 with either Luffy & Zoro vs Kaido or Luffy & Yamato vs Kaido are the most likely scenarios. Luffy’s declaration that he’ll beat Kaido doesn’t mean that the fight needs to remain a 1v1 from start to finish, only that it ends as one. Personally, I myself think that Luffy needs to finish this fight with a 1v1 victory in order to subvert Kaido’s introduction. I think “one on one always bet on Kaido” is an issued challenge that has to be subverted.

That can still be achieved as long as the other combatant drops out part way through the battle (think Law - Doffy).

I think with Luffy/Zoro and Luffy/Yamato both having things going for them, that the chances we get one of the two are high.

I think Luffy and Zoro is more likely, but there’s always the looming possibility of Zoro vs King happening instead. ZKK has so many plot threads still tied to it that I think that it’s probably inevitable, but ZKK without another round against Kaido would likely leave Zoro’s acknowledgment as another Oden caliber samurai by Kaido unfulfilled. Oda went out of his way to set that acknowledgment up heavily by initially setting it up during the scabbard fight and then carrying it over into the roof fight. Yet he never delivered it, which is highly suspect when he drew so much attention to Zoro/Oden by constantly highlighting Enma every chance he could. Oda made no effort to hide that he wanted us to be connecting the dots between the two. Asura was the one major offensive strike Zoro delivered that received no mention of Oden from Kaido whatsoever. The one attack where it made the most sense to compare Zoro to Oden and pay off the comment he made to the scabbards, Kaido said nothing. Oda flashed a gun in our faces over and over but then didn’t fire it at the most opportune time. I think that the most likely answer as to why is that he’s waiting to fire it at another time and place instead. That would probably require another bout with Kaido for Zoro.

With Yamato, I think fighting side by side with Luffy as opposed to her falling just before his arrival would give them a much needed chance to build chemistry. So far the two barely know each other, and even if you don’t think she’ll join the crew, she needs to bond with Luffy even if it’s only as a future ally. And for those of you who think she’ll die, with no real connection to Luffy right now he’d be virtually unaffected. Her death would not mean anything of significance to Luffy yet. So even in that scenario they would need to bond, and fighting together is really the only chance at this point of the raid. Any other bonding would have to take place during the after party. Personally I think she’s going to be joining the crew, and so while I think a tag team with Luffy would be very beneficial, I don’t think it’s entirely necessary. I think Oda can handle that during the after party if he really needs to wait due to the constraints of the arc.
No. Next round is finally the Momotaro Monkey, Pheasant and Dog reference, a 3 vs 1 with Luffy, Marco and Yamato.

After that it finally goes 1 vs 1.

And at some point Zoro is landing one final hit on Kaido, above the Flower Capital, Kaido in dragon form, people of the flower capital stand before in awe to watch. I am absolutely certain that this happens.

What I am not certain of is that it results in ZKK, but if it is to happen, that’ll be when.


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I would like to look at more events to unfold. We know too little of what's occurring with Marco v King, that is why. If Marco is defeated or strangely leaves Zoro will presumably deal with King, at least first. Differently I doubt he will likely go for Orochi, I would rather bet on him tagging along in the fight against Kaido since overall although Luffy spelled the famous words 'I got this' he did whilst Zoro was messed up and unable to assist whilst they were tackling him together at first, and also, now Yamato is there too and might also be the moment Luffy is up. If Luffy is not even taking on Kaido alone the matter of honor would lose even more ground and I don't see why Zoro would not have to join.
yamato and luffy vs kaido for a bit and then kaido vs luffy

i not see marco fighting here, maybe he traslade momo to a safe place or become his shield
Momotaro fights Oni with Dog, Monkey, and Pheasant.
It's gonna start off as Yamato, Marco, (Momo if he can fight lol), and Luffy against Kaido.
However, in the end, Oda will find a way to get Yamato, Marco, and Momo out of there the same way he got the other Supernovas to leave the rooftop. It will be a 1-on-1 eventually.
Luffy vs Kaido will be kaidos end. But we’re not there yet. Odas really slowing down kaidos defeat and although I don’t love the Wano arc, I appreciate that Oda isn’t going the quick of beating Kaido the emperor of the sea.

At the end of the day Luffy still won’t stand on Kaidos level, but Luffy will be the one to do the most damage and finish Kaido after everyone else weakens him enough.
I don't think it will be a 1v1 I think oda could possibly go the momotaro route and have luffy, Yamato, Marco (since he said he wasn't going to kaido yet earlier) idk what happens to momo but I'm assuming kaido sees him and he comments on him and then possibly he leaves and I think izo/kawatsu could take Marco spot vs king allowing for Marco to fly up zoro and we could have the tiger/dragon parallel as well from zoro
if its a 1 on 1 always bet on Kaido!

No way Luffy is fighting him solo, this will be a team fight like SH vs Orz or SH vs Pacifista, Kaido will go down the same, he will keep fighting multiple people and not being given a chance to recover until he is on his last legs and Luffy ending him with a giant punch to the face.