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So Wano basically made a return in Chapter 1089. It's just one panel, but with Momo standing there with no bruises, it makes me wonder just how many enemies are invading Wano right now like Yamato talked about.
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Yeah he drew the Yamato art quite recently. Around Febuary this year apparently.

Also the new ending! Its so beautiful!:

Yamato is eating here which is weird, as she said she wasn't eating for a week until the SHs recovered and Luffy and Zoro woke up or something like that?

All the characters look so wonderful here including my Supernova boys but that beginning with Yamato and the whistling, those beautiful, quaint, unspoken emotive scenes, so heartfelt and nostalgic, so wonderful and so sweet.

I'm certain we're gonna get a cover story revolving around her sooner or later including her finding Pluton and her being directly connected to it somehow and even piloting it imo. It might even be like an "icebreaker" for all we know, which would be hilarious given she has ice powers via her DF ofc.

She was named after the greatest battleship ever too ofc!

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I am also certain shes gonna do a Jinbei and join the crew later, whenever. When the crew is stronger and the power balance in the crew is less of an issue lol. But also shes got unfinished business in Wano including finding Pluton imo. She wants to explore Wano and meets it people too, for better and or worse too.

Idk who will look after Wano if she leaves but surely it counts as Luffys territory now too, since he not only liberated it and befriended the current Shogun and helped him avenge his family and saved him and so on, but they also put up his flag, the SH flag in Wano now too? They were deciding where to put it when the SHs were leaving IIRC?
It does interest me seeing this kids run around Yamato though. I'm really curious to see how many of the Wano citizens reacting to the revelation that Yamato is Kaido's child and how they treat her from there.

I still find this to be one of the Best Fan Arts of Yamato, Now only if it were colored.
There was another one that I liked too, let me find it;

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I think it's really a matter of when Momo realizes Yamato is staying of out pity and pushes himself harder to finally prove her wrong.
I've said it before, Wano as a Country has to not rely on any Singular person for Defense.
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