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So is anyone suspecting we may see a Yamato update by the end of Egghead? We saw Rebecca by the end of Zou, so maybe the interlude between Egghead and the next arc could do the same for Yamato as well.
We only saw Rebecca at the end of Zou (wasnโ€™t it Whole Cake Island?) because of the Reverie unless youโ€™re talking about another scene which I probably forgot.

Oda tends to bring back irrelevant characters through cover pages until they have a role to play, if ever. Gaimon is a good exampleโ€ฆ
Thinking about it again, I think Wano really will give Yamato some more growing up to do, not just in defending Wano, but getting to know people more as the people they are. Yamato seems to look up to people based on reputation, even treating Oden as like a celebrity/Christ-figure with a bible and looking forward to meeting Luffy because he was Ace's brother, instead of focusing on him as a person. If she harbors any thoughts on giving Wano's citizens special treatment and impartial favoritism based on being Oden's people, then she might be in for a rude awakening given how nasty some of the Wano people can be, and how much they'll care about Yamato calling herself Oden as if expecting immediate acceptance from them.