Character Discussion Yamato is Stronger Than King

How does Yamato compare to King?

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I think yamato is around king level. If they both fight it could end either way. I don't think that yamato is much stronger than king. Just because he is fighting hybrid kaido doesn't mean that kaido is fighting him seriously. Yamato is his son and he wants him to be shogun of wano. Thats why he doesn't fight yamato with full power.
Fuck it. Since Yamato fanboys and this fandom in general can apply their headcanon to everyone they want, here’s mine:

King is awakened with advanced CoC, advanced CoA, and his fire is more potent than the Mera Mera without the weakness to magma along with multiple form changes like Chopper but he never has to use them because he is unstoppable at base to anyone not top tier level
point for yamato
1. better devil fruit
2. probably has better mastery in haki
3. better feat (clashing with kaido)

point for king
1. manipulation of fire (but not at the level of ace or sabo)
I think they're comparable. I expected Yamato to face Kaido to break the bonds they shared but I didn't expect her to do so well (though, while I think it's one of, I wouldn't say her current performance is the best against Kaido). If Yamato doesn't show anything more before going down and King reveals impressive stuff against Zoro then maybe King but I think they'll remain around the same strength regardless of how stuff goes.


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I would love to find out for how long Yamato still resists against Hybrid Kaido to see whether or not she is low diff material. I would say she might make it to mid.

Meanwhile King is doing pretty good against Zoro but he might also be low diff material for Asura.

Asura only Zoro > Kaido is a great bet however.
Yamato holding kaido albeit kaido not using his full power is still highly impressive ; King got very good hype -- Unique race but yama has mythical DF which kaido even hypes up. Tie for now until we see more of either of them
Probably, Kaido is only joking around with him/her, because him wants her/him to be a Shogun.

King is fighting a low top tier 100% equally, so we have to wait and see, i orginally put her in YC1 range.