General & Others Your favorite abilities and techniques which are not related to Uchiha, Senju and Bijuu?

As the manga progressed, powers not related to Uchiha, Senju and Bijuu, faded more and more from the spotlight. My question is, what powers and abilities do you like apart from those powers? How would you build your character and his abilities not using Sharingan, Rinnegan, Bijuu or Hashirama's level of Mokuton?

The first thing that comes into my mind is the Byakugan. Fully explored, that power has quite a lot of potential. Near 360 degrees vision and the ability to observe the surroundings across dozens of Kilometers (Even Hinata was able to see 10km ahead, and I am sure that she is far away from having explored the Byakugan's full power). Also being able to see through solid matter such as walls and the ground.

It also allows you to see the Chakra network and precisely aiming for the opponents chakra points to shut them down and with the Gentle Fist being able to do so with extremely high speed. Other abilities also include releasing Chakra from all of your Chakra points to repel things from your body similarly to Shinra Tensei [1] which might even allow you to repel Amaterasu from your body as Nagato did. A more advanced version of this would be the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven, which allows you to spin at such speed while releasing Chakra from all of your Chakra points, that it creates a huge shield repelling every incoming attack. When used with a high level of mastery, it easily creates a crater with a radius of over 5 meters, while blowing away all foes [2], even repelling Juubi's tail [3]. Also being able to send out powerful Chakra blasts out from your palms, strong enough to stall one of Juubi's tails [4].

Now I think when fully explored, that Byakugan should be quite powerful. Just give it to someone with very high chakra reserves and possibly Sage Mode to further boost his chakra, senses and physical stats and when mastered, he might even pull out moves like the Chakra fists Kaguya used, albeit less devastating of course. Neji also said that Chakra built techniques don't stand a chance against the Byakugan [5], which implies that someone who mastered the Byakugan and further enhanced his power with things like Sage Mode, might very well be able to destroy the regular Susanoo of a MS user.

I have other abilities and techniques in my mind too, but for now I leave it at that to give others the chance to tell their preferences. It doesn't have to be Kekkei Genkai even. You can be a regular character with preferred Chakra natures, Jutsu and weapons as well.


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I really like earth release and wind too.

Earth with golem, weight things, lighten things, stone fist, hard skin, fly etc.

Wind skills are good too.

Dust release is the best skill for me ( the one I like the most)

Space abilities are great too : Minato or Obito.

Gates skills are also nice.

A pretty smooth technique is this one :

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I was going to say Flying Thunder God, but realized that's also a Senju technique. Can't pick shadow clones either.
I'm not sure whether the 8 gates would qualify, since they also are imo more than likely a Senju technique. :josad:

The byakugou seal combined with creation rebirth. The Byakugou seal on it's own is a very impressive ability since it allows the user to store a bijuu worth of chakra, from which they can use chakra continuously or all together. What's even more impressive to me was how to initially attain it, you gotta continuously pour chakra into it, even when you're doing other jutsus and etc. On top of just turning the person into a hulk upon it's release, combined with the Creation Rebirth, it's ridiculous, you can keep on fighting even with majority of your waist teared up since there's continuous regeneration going on.

What I really would've loved Kishimoto to showcase was Tsunade getting caught in a genjutsu from the Sharingan while having it active or before having it active, so we could see if it's a direct counter to genjutsu. Because theoretically it should make 1 impervious to any genjutsu bar the IT. Since genjutsu works by manipulation of the brain chakra, and in order to counter it one must disturb that flow. Since the likes of Uchiha have strong eye power (the sharingan's chakra is connected to the brain), they're able to break genjutsu easier than others. With something like the byakugou seal, it's placement in the forehead should serve a similar function, and even more it's an ongoing flow of chakra from an external source than the normal chakra network, thus it should (again theoretically) disrupt any chakra that's being manipulated to cause the genjutsu.

I was going to say Flying Thunder God, but realized that's also a Senju technique. Can't pick shadow clones either.
Didn't want to be so specific about the techniques though. I rather mean abilities derived from your genetics. Like Hashirama's Mokuton (you could still choose Yamato's level of Mokuton, just not the thousand arm buddha that dwarfs mountains level of Mokuton, lol).

But Jutsus you can learn as someone not from that clan, it's fine.
Hmmm, not related to the Uchiha or Senju.... Hmmm. As I understood most of the clans are related from those anyway in the Naruto universe, so I'm not sure if this counts, but:

I love Shinra Tensei. I thought almighty push and pull were so cool, and I've never seen anything cooler since.

Other than that, despite being underused in the series: Sakura and Tsunade's chakra control and release. When you think about it, it's such an amazing ability to use, as you can amass chakra in your hands and feet. If it were me, I would practice my speed and perhaps some paralyzing jutsu along with it and just smash enemies. Not smash the ground pointlessly.


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It's been awhile since I've seen any Byakugan hype, doesn't it also allow the Hyuuga to insert their chakra into other objects / constructs and destroy them? I recall that being a reason why Neji overpowered Kidomaru.

Technically related to the Senju/Uchiha but I'd say the Kaguya clan's deadbone pulse is an overlooked ability. The ability to grow, adjust and weaponize your own bones is so overlooked. An under the skin covering of bones allowed Kimimaro to survive Gaara's sand coffin, something that normally makes humans into jello splattered over the landscape. Kimimaro took it without debilitating damage. Weaponry stronger than steel that can be used as swords, as make-shift defenses like a porcupines (very effective against taijutsu users) or even projectiles for Kimimaro's drilling bullets.

It even grants Kimimaro a form of regeneration and expedient travel with dance of the seedling fern, navigating some 200 meters through bones and popping out at the end without any external injuries. This bloodline is broken.

I think, in order to make it just a little stronger, any individual user needs to channel their chakra into their weaponry. Whether it's raiton, fuuton or just pure chakra, it'll give the bone weaponry the further edge. Considering that Kimimaro could already sort of clash with chakra enhanced samurai swords, which were on par with Sasuke's raiton enhanced kusanagi, it'd effectively make Kimimaro (or anyone) a menace with being able to spring bones from any part of their body with this chakra adorning them. Worse off with the drilling bullets, now you've basically got Killer Bee's super vibrating raiton pencils but spammable.

Sage mode is agiven, considering the relation to the Senju clan and the fact Orochimaru sought out Kimimaro's body (and also desired a body that could handle Senjutsu). It's not a stretch to imagine that the Kaguya clan would have an easy time mastering that, given Kimimaro was said to be on par with Sasuke's curse mark manipulation, a lesser form of Senjutsu power.

The agility/speed/perception of Snake Sage Mode, mixed with fuuton clad bone projectiles? Possibly using Dance of the Seedling Fern to fully envelope a region and with the ability to pop in and out of the bones and travel hundreds of meters in less than a minute? Easily above jokers like Kakuzu.

The Yuki clan and the Hozukii clan can be real OP too. But I don't wanna spam the thread.
@Natalija with this I mean, Kekkei Genkai which are the result of Uchiha and Ssnju bloodline. Like directly. In this case Sharingan and all of its evolutions (Mangekyo, Rinnegan) such as arguably Mouton for Senju. More distant siblings like Byakugan, Kimimaro's bones, etc (although technically all having the same source) are fine
Alas then Pain doesn't count. What I said about Sakura and Tsunade ~

Also I very much liked sage mode, I love playing sage mode Naruto in games. In general using natural energy around you is such an interesting concept.
Even though the Hyuga are relying on the Byakugan almost exclusively, they could theoretically use Ninjutsu as well. Neji for example has a Ninjutsu Stat of 4/5. The perfect Chakra control of the Hyugas could even positively affect their Ninjutsu training.

And Neji had neither in Taijutsu nor in speed or Chakra a 5/5. Hiashi only in Taijutsu.

How would a Hyuga look that mastered the Byakugan along with a 5/5 in the stats Taijutsu, speed and Chakra? Also having a very high intelligence of 5/5 and honing his Ninjutsu too? Allowing him to use strong elemental attacks, Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and summonings? Maybe even Genjutsus? And now enhance that mofo with Sage Mode, which further elevates your Chakra, physical strength, stamina, endurance, reflexes and perception. Increasing the power of your Ninjutsu and Byakugan.

Probably gonna work more in depth on my character tomorrow. Including appearance and Jutsu.