General & Others Your favorite abilities and techniques which are not related to Uchiha, Senju and Bijuu?

I like Konan abilities.

I don't want to make people suffer so no Fire or Ration jutsu.
If I had to eliminate someone in the Naruto verse, this would be by projecting needles or fast poison.

Shikamaru shadow is really useful to calm a situation.
As the manga progressed, powers not related to Uchiha, Senju and Bijuu, faded more and more from the spotlight. My question is, what powers and abilities do you like apart from those powers? How would you build your character and his abilities not using Sharingan, Rinnegan, Bijuu or Hashirama's level of Mokuton?

The first thing that comes into my mind is the Byakugan. Fully explored, that power has quite a lot of potential. Near 360 degrees vision and the ability to observe the surroundings across dozens of Kilometers (Even Hinata was able to see 10km ahead, and I am sure that she is far away from having explored the Byakugan's full power). Also being able to see through solid matter such as walls and the ground.

It also allows you to see the Chakra network and precisely aiming for the opponents chakra points to shut them down and with the Gentle Fist being able to do so with extremely high speed. Other abilities also include releasing Chakra from all of your Chakra points to repel things from your body similarly to Shinra Tensei [1] which might even allow you to repel Amaterasu from your body as Nagato did. A more advanced version of this would be the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven, which allows you to spin at such speed while releasing Chakra from all of your Chakra points, that it creates a huge shield repelling every incoming attack. When used with a high level of mastery, it easily creates a crater with a radius of over 5 meters, while blowing away all foes [2], even repelling Juubi's tail [3]. Also being able to send out powerful Chakra blasts out from your palms, strong enough to stall one of Juubi's tails [4].

Now I think when fully explored, that Byakugan should be quite powerful. Just give it to someone with very high chakra reserves and possibly Sage Mode to further boost his chakra, senses and physical stats and when mastered, he might even pull out moves like the Chakra fists Kaguya used, albeit less devastating of course. Neji also said that Chakra built techniques don't stand a chance against the Byakugan [5], which implies that someone who mastered the Byakugan and further enhanced his power with things like Sage Mode, might very well be able to destroy the regular Susanoo of a MS user.

I have other abilities and techniques in my mind too, but for now I leave it at that to give others the chance to tell their preferences. It doesn't have to be Kekkei Genkai even. You can be a regular character with preferred Chakra natures, Jutsu and weapons as well.
i think byakugan with ms is stronger than rinnegan
The Hyuga clan is retarded. No wonder they aren’t regarded as strong like their cousin clans and are irrelevant to the story.

They have 360 degree, telescopic, x-ray, chakra clairvoyance and they waste it on taijutsu lmao. Any moron with half a brain cell would become a long range specialist.

The potential to snipe people with the ultimate long range techniques such as Kidomaru who ironically was stomping a Hyuga was completely missed. And it doesn’t help that they refuse to use any other jutsu but the lame Gentle Fist.

OT: Lightning Style. Lightning Armor and Chidori/Lightning Blade is the coolest jutsu ever