Speculations Zoro does not have Adv CoC / CoC Coating. Yet.

Does Zoro have Conqueror's Coating?

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So a lot of people seem to think that Zoro has already developed Adv CoC, but I really don't think that's the case so I'll try to break it down, keep in mind of course that it is just my opinion on how Wano is presented.

First and foremost, Conqueror's Coating has had an incredibly strong portrayal in the story. Only Yonkou tiers have shown to use it at will. And a proper Conqueror's Coating clash of top tiers always comes with a sky splitting. I think it's fair to say that Oda has reserved Conqueror's Coating for those who truly lie at the top. And right now Wano is definitely the point in the story where we see this happen live, but most importantly, it's showcased through the fight of Luffy vs Kaido. And personally, I don't think Zoro is up there with these people yet.

Second point is that Luffy just learned how to control his Conqueror's Coating. So in this arc, thematically, using Conqueror's Coating is showcased to be a necessity to defeating Kaido, it is central to the theme of Wano of being the point in Luffy's journey were he can finally stand up to a Yonkou, and his newfound usage of CoC is directly correlated with that. Conqueror's Haki right now has everything to do with Luffy vs Kaido, and nothing to do with Zoro. Having Zoro also awaken Conqueror's Coating this short of a time between Luffy and him would weaken Luffy's theme and struggle. We JUST learn this arc that Zoro has Conqueror's too, so I don't think we should precipitate ourselves already and claim that he also advanced it to the next level. Luffy deserves the spotlight and theme of having a superior Conqueror's Haki, and Zoro earning the exact same powerup would take away from this from a narrative standpoint.

And finally, the mammoth in the room, what the hell was Asura if not AdvCoC? Well, for starters, Kaido didn't comment on Zoro having coating, nor was he as shocked and glad as he was with Luffy awakening it, he simply commented on it being CoC. So right off the bat it can't be a proper display of Advanced CoC, it must've been a more dormant, lower level version of it. Which is actually something we've already seen happen with Zoro multiples times. Against Mr. 1, he was able to use Armament Haki and some argue that Observation as well, but wasn't able to use it at will, even against Enel. He displayed the potential of Haki, but not yet the ability to control and properly unleash it. And this might be what's happening here too.

So personally, will Zoro learn Adv CoC by the end of Wano? I don't think so. If we look at the fight between Kaido and Luffy, Luffy coating his Conqueror's is crucial here since Kaido is a direct obstacle in him becoming Pirate King. To finally stand up to and defeat one of the strongest Yonkou requires from Luffy the strongest will to conquer, it's a perfect thematic stepup for Luffy. For Zoro? King doesn't really mean that much, he doesn't even consider himself a swordsmen.
I think it's more likely that Zoro will learn Conqueror's Coating against his fight with Mihawk.

If I'm wrong though, I'll gladly take the L.

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Luffy deserves the spotlight and theme of having a superior Conqueror's Haki, and Zoro earning the exact same powerup would take away from this from a narrative standpoint.
This is a bad excuse. I hate it when I see this.
Yamato looked better than Luffy after Luffy got his CoC PU.
So Zoro getting it does not hinder Luffys progression in any way.
Yeah still not going to buy that Black Lightning HAS to mean Conqueror's Coating when it's been used for attacks that aren't even about Conqueror's.
Narratively, Zoro right now is getting his Conqueror's awakening spotlight, for the first time in the manga he's using it to knock out fodder. This is what the scene is displaying, not Coating.

My bad if I'd rather play it safe with powerups rather than hype blindly every little thing that happens.