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    General & Others The Knockout Order is now confirmed

    King first; then Zoro will go in search of Kaido. Queen Second; then Kaido- tag team by Luffy-Zoro and lastly Big Mom by Kid Law and Luffy.
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    General & Others Does Oda respect the intelligence of his readers ?

    Probably you should watch Joyboy Theories's explaination. Here is the link:
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    Announcement A Loss In Our Community

    Rest In Peace, Nakama
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    Questions & Mysteries Every Non-Answered Question/Mystery Listed

    I guess, they acknowledged him as Pirate Captain and "they" was used to refer that he is not lone guy but has a pirate crew of likeminded people.
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    General & Others Does HAKI ruin One Piece?

    haki is power higher than DF but badly explained and used as only plot armor and conveniently forgotten when plot demands. making downplay of many characters
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 958 Spoilers Discussion

    break:cry::cry: What does Taro and Jiro mean? Only Jiro I know is from MHA
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    Hello Nakama

    thanks 1567263218 thanks
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    Hello Nakama

    Yo Guys. I'm a homeless soul from Oro Jackson. Hoping to have a good time with you guys