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    Powers & Abilities Haki vs Science

    Yeah kinda see it that way, untill we find more up about how Pluton and uranus works.
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    Powers & Abilities Haki vs Science

    Science at its absolute peak can create Ancient Weapons like Pluton and we just saw what one could do 2 chapters ago. Normally speaking, if we talk about Germa, Queen, Ceaser and even Vegapunk they can't exceed Haki, and they're belew also DFs. So I would say science has the better potential...
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    Controversial X-Drake is better character than Loby

    Nameless monster is obsessed with Zoro :emohiyo:
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    Character Discussion Coby The Hero is the new Garp and future rival of Pirate King

    People just trying so hard to push stupid agendas on Luffy rivals There isn't such a thing as Luffy's Garp or Luffy's Whitebeard. People force Coby, Law, Kid, Katakuri, Smoker in those roles, they are just delusional Garp was someone who always chased after Roger, had been always able to...
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    Character Discussion [Poll] Who is Rayleigh's "Parallel"?

    A no brainer question Of course it's Zoro and who answer differently is lying to himself or is biased af.
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    Speculations Zoro's EOS bounty

    As the king of hell 3.666.000.000
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    Questions & Mysteries Sanji's EoS Bounty in comparison to Mihawk's?

    Sanji final bounty will be 2.377.000.000
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    Character Discussion Fujitora - Thorough Analysis

    Fuji the best admiral :cheers:
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    Questions & Mysteries Does Ulti have Conqueror's Haki?

    She is a conqueror type of character :lawbepo:
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    Break Week Admiral bounties

    Buggy doesn't have money to begin with, so I don't think marines bounties are that high
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    Future Events Will Flame Emperor Sabo face Akainu?

    It will definitely happen If we are talking about Sabo defeating Akainu then is an other matter
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    Controversial The defenitive thread about swordsmanship skills and titles.

    Surprised this garbage reached 37 pages Shameful