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    Spoiler Togashi is continuing on past the 10 chapters he has written so far

    Thanks for the clarification. And here I already had my hopes up that release of the 10 new chapters might soon start. But if only 3/10 are fully done, and Togashi can only draw while lying down due to his back condition... welp. Hopes crumbling. I hope the tremendous feedback on twitter...
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    Spoiler Togashi is continuing on past the 10 chapters he has written so far

    Togashi-san... :pepecry::pepecry::pepecry:
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    Discussion Power Rank these characters in terms of Battle IQ only

    This is the imo very obvious order: Shikamaru Itachi Kakashi Sasuke Naruto
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    Versus Battle Minato Vs Danzo

    Obvious neg for Danzo with Koto, without I can't see how Danzo will actually manage to significantly harm Minato. It won't be a low diff for Minato imo, but not a close call. I think this could be an interesting fight if drawn by Kishimoto, lots of potential fight strategies and twists to be...
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    Anyone else works 60+ hours a week?

    Lmao, and what you doing with that money if you barely have any free time to enjoy life? I'm sorry for people who have to work these hours to survive due to being poorly paid, but with any decently paid job, there is no need to work any more than 40 hours to live a decent and wealthy life.
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    Anyone else works 60+ hours a week?

    For me, the free time is too good to pass, so I'd deny any job like that. But probs to you.
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    Manga Discussion Chainsawman

    Massive chef's kiss... :steef: They probably ran out of the color red multiple times, lmao
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    Versus Battle Sasori vs Orochimaru (Tenchi Bridge version)

    Don't feed the trolls, it's obvious Chiyou is a high-class fighter and they had advantages going into the fight. So if this is an actual plot scenario, does Orochimaru get support from Kabuto?
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    lol, so how is the HIV bow tie connected to this?
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    If you had to fight a horse sized Wasp what is your weapon of choice?

    Well, what are the rules here? Wasp the size of a horse obviosuly couldn't fly as fast. I'd use a flame thrower. Because I'm sure it doesn't need any advanced skill, just pull the trigger and burn that mofo!
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    Versus Battle 6th Tail Kyuubi Naruto vs. Pein w/o Tendou

    Was just wondering about this match up out of boredom. I think it's interesting, since it's basically one brute machine vs. 5 individually endlessly weaker guys with a very wide moveset & many combo options. So, what's you opinion on vs. ? Personally, I'm with Naruto on this one. Kyuubi is...
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    Probs for Sessousamaru + Rin content <3

    Probs for Sessousamaru + Rin content <3
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    Anime Discussion Chainsaw Man Anime Trailer

    Ooooff, so it's happening! :steef::steef::steef: Tbh, not quite sure about the animation, looks somewhat CGI'ish to me, but seems like they understood the underlying rock & metal vibe the series has. Damn tho, I was so hyped for some of the voice actors... think choosing the wrong voices is...
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    General Chat

    Phew, still feeling the speed afterglow. It's 4:25 a.m. where I'm at. Anything to get me distracted?