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    Event The Battle on Three Fronts: Opening Event

    Okay Will go with Naval battle.
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    General Role-Play Convo Thread: The New Era Begins

    We have so many active member on WG but why do I not see people interested in RP? :\
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    General Role-Play Convo Thread: The New Era Begins

    When is the event expected to start? I am waiting for things to happen.
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    General Role-Play Convo Thread: The New Era Begins

    Yes, I copied it from the information thread but I multiplied it by two later on along with the original primary stats number. So it is basically the same value. 1610448398 Is there a thread about his crew? Where I can see the information?
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    Event The Battle on Three Fronts: Opening Event

    Rudd of the Red Mist Character Bio Fighting for: Brackendia Participating in: All three fronts
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    Rudd of the Red Mist

    Name: Rudd Epithet (Optional): Rudd of the Red Mist Affiliation: Pirates Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 22 Height: 182 cm Appearance: Color of rage and blood is his favorite to wear. His traditional attire along with a goatee is something he can never compromise. Long flowing hair tied with...
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    Organization Choose your Faction

    PIRATES Joining Pirates.
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    One Piece Chapter 1000: Straw Hat Luffy

    Been missing this version of Luffy. Finally acting like a protagonist. I think Sanji should be there too, I feel sad for him.
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    Black Clover - Chapter 276 - Boreas

    I hope Zenon is joking around. No way a vice captain can put him down so easily. And that was a sudden jump for Yuno in power levels, we never get to see how he trained and got his new skills. It is simply whatever asta achieves is reflected in Yuno power scale as well.
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    Black Clover - Chapter 275 - Hellfire Incarnate

    Mereoleona doing wonders. :steef: Very nice chapter. Why do I feel like Nacht is manipulating every step taken by both the parties.
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    Theory Is Nacht a tweener?

    I somewhat agree with you something is off with Nacht. He might be a wonderful character but I think he is a a bit crazed and maybe Yami knew about this. Although I don't want him to turn out into something crazy because we are finally getting a good character as a Black Bull member
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    Really liked Who's who and Sasaki devil fruit designs. Oda could have made BM's df a lot better. What kind of creature she is :choppawhat: Nice Chapter. Finally Marco getting some more involvement in the story.
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    Black Clover - Chapter 274 - The Battle Begins

    Mereoleona should definitely be the next Emperor. Those robes are looking cool as ever. :moonwalk: And Nacht is now officially my favourite character after Julius.
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    Popularity Contest 2020 Popularity Poll [Bracket 2]

    Shanks, Luffy, Kaido, Denjiro and Robin. Why my favourites are not here :josad: