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    Chapter Discussion One Punch Man 156

    Elder Centipede is Dragon and The fact that ONE again is being coy about labeling anyone "GOD" besides GOD himself than that means NO! Sage Centipede will not be Labeled as "GOD". Sage Centipede being Unknown is the same league and category as Boros and Garou in terms of Rank. "Above Dragon"...
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    Chapter Discussion One Punch Man 156

    I think Metal Bat will fight Sage Centipede. Proving my theory on him, King and WDM. But.... At the same time ONE will be coy about it. He will still try to keep an element of suspense and not completely reveal...
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    Questions & Mysteries Gorosei are a Fighters

    I think of the Gorosei as "hidden bosses". Gandhi is holding Shodai Kitsu there is no way Zoro is not getting his hands on that blade and claiming it for himself... Just like Nidai will soon will be his he will get Shodai as well and he already has Sandai. Which completes the whole set. Also...
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    Discussion Power Who can destroy that Meteor ?

    With Current Manga and Webcomic Feats many of S-Class can do it. They might not have been able to before but with them getting stronger they might be able to. Obviously King can easily do it. His luck powers are just too strong. WatchDogMan can as well if the meteor was going to fall on Q...
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    Future Events Sanji fire abilities

    If Sanji is getting another Flame upgrade powerup it will mostly be Black Flames. If not Black than Blue first followed by Black in the end. Black Flames in most cultures are regarded as the most powerful flames. It also Suits (Pun intended) Sanji's character. His Raid Suit name is Stealth...
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    Future Events Is the RS really gone?

    Will Sanji get Raid Suit back? Yes. Will he fight an Admiral (solo)? Yes. I mean he briefly fought King and Queen alone so what's stopping him from briefly fighting an Admiral alone. Will he defeat an Admiral (solo)? No. Will Sanji get another power up? Most likely yes. Probably something to...
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    General & Others Bet thread: Killer vs Sanji, who gets bigger bounty after Wano?

    Although I think Killer is stronger than Sanji but Killers bounty will be lower because what happened on the roof will remain unknown to the world.
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    Speculations Zoro bent King's beak.

    ROFL this thread is hilarious.
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    Powers & Abilities How did Zoro, the Scabbards, and Oden cut Kaido

    Oda is terrible at executing fights and powers, abilities and effects. Its literary been similar to Fairy Tail Friendship powerup bullshit. This is Oda's writing style better get use to it. One Piece don't make sense, its inconsistent, and unreliable when it comes to powers, abilities, its...
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    Future Events Is the RS really gone?

    Nope I think Franky and Ussoup will have him make another.
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    Future Events Would Zoro become the ruler of Germa kingdom?

    This is what happens in the Ganges River in India and its the most polluted river in the world. If they start doing that to All Blue which connects to all the Oceans of the One Piece world than no one will set sail again.
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    Character Discussion What's your expectations for Monkey D. Dragon?

    Dragon is going to be the Next Oden/Roger type character. - Mysterious spouse/ Similar Backstory and abilities spouse - Famous Lineage - Famous/Similar powered children - Dies/ Followers and descendent "inherit will" In other words a disappointment. I think Oda will botcher Dragons character...
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    One punch man 151: The Greastest Obstacle

    ONE is the Author and Writer of the Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man. ONE makes the script. Murata draws One Punch Man. Read the Webcomic version to see ONE's version. Edit: His real name is Tomohiro but he goes by ONE. Also here's a link to my theory. I know its long because its 4 different...
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    One punch man 151: The Greastest Obstacle

    I have a theory on Saitama, King, WDM and to a lesser Extent Metal Bat on limiters. With Metal Bat present at Monster Association in this version I wonder how different the outcome will be. "ONE has said the situation against the Monster Association would have changed if Metal Bat was around."...
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    General & Others Post TS arcs are massively underrated + Oda is on a level with the all time fantasy greats.

    The only reason why I was contradicting myself is because other user were refusing to acknowledge the difference in the level of "drawing" between Murata and Oda. So I had to correct that point first. Even you are doing it but at least you acknowledge Murata is better. Also I'm am not a fanatic...