1. CoC: Color of Clowns

    Current Events Mihawk and Sengoku are the next Top Tiers to shine

    TLDR: Mihawk is a Marine Hunter who seeks strong swordsmen, and will fight Green Bull because of this (possibly at Impel Down, leading to Weevil and Buggy befriending each other, and Doffy breaking out). Sengoku will fight Blackbeard to save Law, since Rosinante, Sengoku's son, died to save Law...
  2. Rottkins


    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Boys and Girls! And of course our the most lovely clowns, goths, gangsters and swordsmen! With PLEASURE I would like to present to you the greatest! The only! ◊◊◊ !!!Cross Guild FanClub!!! ◊◊◊ We are open for ALL of you, especially members of both Sir. Crocodile's and...
  3. DarkWitch

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers Discussion

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers Discussion | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This topic is for discussing "One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers". Please...
  4. S

    Theory Shanks is strongest in the world but will lose in 3vs1

    Shanks is WSM but he will lose to ... Blackbeard that is working with aokiji and kidd that will show up too. Bb+aokiji+kidd vs shanks Aokiji will catch him by surprise and turn him into ice statue and bb with his quake punch and kidd with his electromagnetic cannon will smash the statue into...
  5. Cinera

    Future Events Zoro's Final Opponent is Mihawk

    Introduction Many people seem to believe that it will be someone else. I've heard speculations that Shiryu will kill Mihawk and Zoro will then fight Shiryu instead. Or that Zoro's final opponent will be the Gandhi Gorosei. I always found such speculations very lacking, but recent events have...
  6. S

    Powers & Abilities Hakimen=/=blademen

    Hakimen are all about haki and not limited to a sword for their haki. Rayleigh is a hakiman that could use his haki with his legs, to stop Logia kizaru. Whitebeard was a hakiman too that punched down akainu Logia with his fist, not just bisento, Linlin is able to use haki with both her fists...
  7. Cinera

    Powers & Abilities There Can no Longer be Any Doubt; Mihawk is a Conqueror

    The latest chapter makes it unambigously clear: To break down what happened. Zoro unleashes his Haoshoku and knocks down fodder: King notices it and comments on Zoro's "kingly ambitions": Immediately, after, we're shown what those "kingly ambitions" of Zoro's are. He thinks back to his...
  8. Adam 🍎

    Versus Battle Yami ( Black Clover ) vs Mihawk ( One Piece )

    Scenario 1: Speed - Equal Scenario 2: Speed - normal Everything else is according to the story I personally think Yami has this in the bag. His slashes are so potent it is ridicolus. I meam dude can cut through dimensions.
  9. Topi Jerami

    General & Others What if Mihawk was in the roof top instead of Big Mom?

    Will he busy fanboying over the fact that Luffy has gained allies in Heart Pirates, Kidd Pirates, Nine Red Scabbards, Marco and Yakuza bosses? Will he immediately going home as soon as he sees Luffy "I agreed to fight Nine Red Scabbards... But I never agreed to fight man with most dangerous...
  10. DarkWitch

    Character Discussion Who is more interesting Shanks or Mihawk?

    Between Shanks and Mihawk who do you think is more interesting as a character?
  11. Marimo_420

    Speculations Zoro is already the WSS?

    Hear me out peeps. Hear me out. Since it's an established fact that Mihawk is indeed a fraud who gets stalled by low tier commanders, and couldn't possibly be a "real" top tier comparatively speaking to the Yonkos and Admirals, shouldn't Zoro already hold the title of WSS? This is the same...