Announcement Another Loss In Our Community

Life is short, so choose to live it every day or it'll it pass you by without looking back. The most valuable currency in our world is time, so spend it wisely. I recommend spending it on the things you love and with the people that you love. They might not be here tomorrow. You might not be here tomorrow.

Rest in Peace, Emily.
Not sure it count as dangerous.
Last year, I got minor car crash by someone when trying changing the right lane so I can go home from work. Luckily, I am not hurt. Got some car scrap on the my driver door making difficult to open wide but I can get in.
‘My 2002 van took less damage than other rv car .

Work from home is 30 - 40 minutes drive. What is more dangerous is you have bad road, trucks, bad weather, dark morning , and car headlights are brighter so you can’t see the road properly. I have deal with it weekdays.

Now I work from work so I don’t worry driving to work and worry about crazy roads, bad weather.
I have experience car crash (minor) before last two years. Thankfully nobody get hurt on both parties.
I am thankful I don’t get dangerous car accident to ruin my health.

Shimotsuki Ghostly

What in tarnation?
I just had an idea too, could we have some fanart produced for Tashigi and thus KiriNigiri too? Some kind of memorial tributes for Kiri naturally?

Maybe a potential tag or and even a Tashigi theme being made for here too?

@Rottkins @EtenBoby @Cross_Marian would you lovely talented artists be up for making some art in her honour by any chance? Sorry if I'm putting you on the spot like this but if anyone is willing to make art in tribute of her and Tashigi, that would be immensely wonderful!

If I hadn't given up on trying to be an artist many years ago, I could have done something although I want to edit together my own little memorial collage tribute to Kiri too. My heart is hurting for her loss and I want to pay tribute to her somehow.

After watching shows like Arcane and Edgerunners too, its reminded me of how truly painful and tragic losing others can be too, although they are fictional stories of course, the grief of the ones who are survived by them, the ones who lose them is all too real and relatable for us and also for us who adore the characters who lost their lives too.

On a side note btw, I forgot to mention, I really respect the Pirate Warriors games because they made Tashigi look super strong and awesome. They gave Tashigi so much respect, made her such a beautiful, graceful, iconic badass, she felt like a true Samurai and I used to main her in PW3 too and now for Kiri's sake, I'm definitely gonna replay those games and main Tashigi like I used to, in her honour, heh.

Tashigi is one of Oda's best characters in how big hearted, sincere, caring she is, even Nami was fawning over her at Punk Hazard especially due to this, Tashigi has a real motherly vibe and I like to think Kiri was a reflection of Tashigi in that regard too. She really felt like our own personal Tashigi in her own ways.
I'm so glad Oda has brought back Tashigi now and I pray she gets a big role again and Oda does her justice, especially for Kiri's sake too. :catsweat:

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