Future Events Borsalino's Future Opponent is Zoro

Who would Borsalino's opponent be from the Strawhat crew?

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Borsalino's opponent from the Strawhat crew is Zoro not Sanji. There are a few reasons to expect this to be the case:
  • Borsalino used a sword in his only serious fight against another top tier
    • He has a named techniques for creating said sword "Ame no Murakamo".
    • Said sword is one of Japan's sacred imperial regalia
    • He is proficient enough as a swordsman to completely stalemate a top tier "pure swordsman" like Rayleigh
  • He's repeatedly been paired in battle against the second strongest fighters of a pirate crew
    • With Rayleigh at Sabaody Archipelago
    • With Marco at Marineford
    • With Benn Beckman at Marineford
  • Borsalino has unresolved conflict with Zoro
    • He easily defeated him at Sabaody Archipelago
    • He commented that Zoro must have already been weakened to go down so quickly
    • A future confrontation would resolve this.
  • Borsalino and Zoro seem to occupy similar positions.
    • Borsalino is Sakazuki's strongest subordinate
    • Zoro is Luffy's strongest subordinate

As far as I can tell, the main reason to expect Sanji to be Borsalino's opponent is out of some mistaken belief that Borsalino specialise in kicks/has a kick based fighting style. However, this is a gross misunderstanding of his actual fighting style. Borsalino has literally only ever used his kicks to troll characters that were fodder to him:
  • The Supernova at Sabaody Archipelago
  • Luffy at Marineford

Someone might counter that Issho is Zoro's Admiral opponent, but this looks unlikely given that:
  • Issho has a more fleshed out conflict with Luffy
  • Issho appears to be a Luffy fan
  • Issho may not remain a soldier for the World Government at the final war

So people just want a boring ass fight with zoro and kizaru. Zoro is a no skill hack and slash fighter. Literally the same shit every fight. The fight gonna depend on kizaru doing cool shit. Only thing zoro does is come up with cool names with his attacks.


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We should all appreciate Zoro vs Kizaru.

The moment to avenge the Sabaody humiliation, he is kinda a similar face of the medal as Mihawk in this except the Mihawk fight will also feature a much more deep significance.