[FNZ] Role Madness Castlevania : What is a Man? - Game Thread


Argonauts, roll out!
Like, this is before Cubey flipped Town, for one, and for two why, if I'm going to shoot you, would I tell you "yes mango I will shoot you". I went back through your progression and thought "hmmm, this doesn't really line up does it". You painted the picture of a paranoid townie early and then went wholesale in any direction that wasn't me - looks like you just wanted a lynch that you could shade.
I wanted you to shoot me


Argonauts, roll out!
True, and when I asked you why you posted that Johan Liebert gif lmao.

I am drunk

But, I will tell you why

I thought it was obvious why I would ask Ratchet to shoot me.

This is my claim; I am iron, flavor is turtle (subweapon)


this way Ratchet would have a surefire way of confirming himsefl without the risk of misfiring on town, but that doens't matter now that he failed tp probev himself.

Yotan claiming I didn't go nowhjetre checks out since I literally have nothin g tghat I can target anyoe witn

My reads hasn't changed all that much, it's between the twilight posters like Rej and Michelle, tonally Michelle sounds OKay, but she has a very small presence than what I would expect from her-

Kiku is probably just town, Flower is probabnly just town, yotan is maybe town - at least his claim checks out -but tracker is as Rej pointed out not guaranteed to be town, but at elast is something

RA we know isn't a killer, but there's nothing stopping him from being scum algined toherwise.

Yoho hasn't payed any attention to the game whatsoever, he's probably town too..

Yo Tan Wa



Random Asshole