[FNZ] Role Madness Castlevania : What is a Man? - Game Thread


Argonauts, roll out!
Sober up and then Ill need you in the thread mate.
I'm *somewhat* sober now


my reads are the same tho
Yo Tan Wa



Random Asshole

Flower has been pretty comfortable in the town zone, so if there's any slot that could have been fake cleared it may be her.
Otherwise, I think Yo Tan is most likely town, Kiku is town/ benign indie, Yoho is just too oblivious to be scum, You've been pretty towny too, trying to take the lead when nobody else would.

That leaves Michelle/ RA/ Ratchet/ Rej as my PoE

we know that RA didn't commit a murder N0, but outside of that there's nothing that would give credence to him being town.
He's not claimed anything, and was MIA the entirety of DP1

Rej has been laying low all game, popping in now and then just to remind us he exists. Doing the bare minimum.

Same goes for Michelle, pops in now and then just to remind us she exists.

Ratchet claimed himself into a corner, failed to prove himself - intentions and actions does not align. Trying to spin a narrative where I am scum.
Players Alive (10/13) -
Flower - town
Yo Tan Wa - town
Ratchet- self resolves
Rej -??
MangoSenpai - seems involved in the game, I will not vote him
Kiku- town
Michelle - town
Random Asshole - scum
Yoho -??
Fujishiro - town by play and claim