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Chapter summary thanks to Jeeswag and the TKC :

Shin's Battle:
Shin calls Bihei over and when Bihei questions it Shin tells him to hurry up. The other HSU soldiers tell Bihei to go quick and starts defending the path for him. As Shin fights the HSU soldiers keep wondering how the enemy can move the way he does. Shin looks like he's about to hit the enemy but misses and gets knocked away instead and gets caught by Bihei. One of the Zhao soldiers says Shin is just barely missing GHK so he still hasn't gotten a decent hit in. Shin says his eyes can follow him somehow but he can't hit him with his glaive.

Bihei then asks why he called him over and Shin says it's not for anything important and Bihei tells him not to call him over for nothing. Shin says it's important for defeating the enemy and tells Bihei to hold his glaive. Bihei freaks out since he's being handed General Ouki's glaive and asks if he got hit in the head. Shin says the glaive is amazing but is meaningless if he can't hit anything with it. The glaive is still too heavy for him to keep up with the enemy's technique so he's leaving it with Bihei. Bihei struggles to hold it up after Shin lets go. Shin tells him it's an important glaive so don't let it get stolen. Bihei says he'll guard it with his life but also asks if Shin is intending on fighting with his barehands. Shin says he still has the sword given to him by Hyou. GHK finds it interesting.

Akakin's Unit:
Akakin's unit is moving while fighting off the Zhao who followed them. His soldier says they need to keep moving while they check on the HSU's status and Akakin notices something and goes to check it out. He spots the enemy's rear army and realizes that with those numbers the HSU above the cliff will crumble. He tells his soldiers to call his unit over this way so they can charge into the enemy to provide time for the HSU. However, he knows it won't be too much time so he hopes Shin can finish his fight within that time.

Shin's Battle:
Shin starts landing blows on GHK and his soldiers are amazed. GHK tells his soldier to bring him his weapon. He tells Shin that the decision to switch to his sword was the right one. He then goes on to say his sword is the ideal weapon to bring out his technique's full potential and asks if Shin can keep up.

Kanto gets a bad vibe from GHK's sword while one of the pig brothers wonders if Shin can use a sword. Suugen tells them Shin used to fight with a sword before the glaive but Bihei reminds them it's still been awhile since then. Denei realizes the sword must be more appropriate for his current opponent. Shin thinks to himself to remember how to fight with the sword once again, then thinks to go further. Shin gets hit a few times and says he's still not moving properly and that he needs to use his body more. To not rely solely on the sword but his whole body a little more. To move more freely.

He starts landing proper hits to GHK and his soldiers are amazed again. Suugen says it's a more ideal movement than how he used to fight since he gained a lot of strength in order to wield General Ouki's glaive. Suugen sees it as Shin's self taught unique swordsmanship. It's to the point where Suugen thinks the enemy will have a hard time keeping up with Shin. The enemy soldier wonders if Shin can keep up that kind of movement for long and Bihei says he definitely can since him and Hyou have fought endlessly. Bihei says their Shin reached the level of general on his swordsmanship alone and Kou says that's not quite right. Shin lands another blow and GHK with the classic "hoh"

No break notice but been told there's a break WYJ break next week.
Haven't seen the scans yet but looks like a fun chapter.
Shin is gonna be a great general who can switch up his weapon and fighting tactics in accordance to the opponent. So far no GG or Genral has displayed such a thing. Maybe they didn't need to but still it's something to add on Shin's resume.
Has Shin ever used the sword of Rinko that Renpa gave to him..?? Would be cool to see him go double sword berserker mode.
Also is he ever planning to use the Shield of Duke.?
He will probably have to get used with the shield similarly with the glaive and then have situational uses of it. He will probably be in situations where he will go use double sword, sword - shield, glaive - shield, single sword or glaive.
Korean Scans Ch. 689: https://manatoki95.net/comic/9332368
And another break next week (by The Author) :josad:
That's fucking intense, it seems the fight will be over next chapter, we need translation to understand everything that happens in that fight but I didn't expect Shin to have that much trouble against that guy.
I guess Hara wanted to make Shin more human after he defeated Houken.

Also it's official, Hara takes more break than Oda now :josad: