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Is Bleach Better than Kingdom?

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Chapter Title: The End of the Line.
- Riboku's hands tremble, and then his body collapses.

summary tomorrow
Oh, like he collapses in grief because Kaine dies?

Well that sounds a lot better than "Riboku shat his pants at Kanki's presence".

I am still doubting that Kaine death until I see panels though. Lol.
Yeah i think aizen know his limit and his backup from Qin wont do that much.
His best way to do only make his lost as benefit as can be, and i think Meat shield for half the series almost killed is not predicted by aizen. So i think aizen target to make hist lost as benefit as he can is done. He almost kill Meat shield for half the series with his limited source and at least leave a huge scar in his face and heart enemy. Farewell most handsome flying six general member atm :endthis:
The heck im saying aizen i dont even watch or read bleach :milaugh:
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I loved to eat riboku medium well with mushroom sauce on it.
Whos the next flying six general member is it will become 5?
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