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Is Bleach Better than Kingdom?

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Thanks to revolution from Discord

Hi everyone, I'm here to just inform you that there will be no new Kingdom chapter for the next 3 weeks. This absence is due to Marine Day (July 23rd) as well as a scheduled break in Issue #35 (July 30th). The Next Chapter, Chapter 649, is scheduled to publish in Weekly Young Jump Issue #36•37 releasing in August 6th 2020 officially. As you might have noticed, Chapter 649 is officially released in another double/combined/merged issue which results in another magazine break. Tentatively, Chapter 650, is scheduled to release officially in Issue #38 (Aug 20th) provided that there is no scheduled break on the part of the author. Below is the release schedule of Weekly Young Jump.

Weekly Young Jump Release Schedule:

Issue #33•34: July 16th --> Chapter 648
July 23rd --> Magazine Break due to Marine Day
Issue #35: July 30th --> Absent
Issue #36•37: Aug 06th --> Chapter 649
August 13th --> Magazine Break due to Obon Festival
Issue #38: Aug 20th --> Chapter 650 (TBD)

Do note that the above are the official release dates for the Japanese Raw. As for the Sense-Scans/Turnip Farmers release, it will depend on how fast they acquire & do the scanlation process on the chapter.

Thank you very much for your attention & have a nice day.
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Imagine Moubu and Gaimou fighting side by side :steef:
I would surrender right away lol
With Gohomei pulling the strings from the HQ lol. The kid is super talented. He is easily the same age as the young trio or at max Heki and he is already the foremost general of Wei. I don't think people really give him enough credit to be honest. Carrying a whole nation on your back is not easy.