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Do you support the 2nd Amendment?

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Uncle Van

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It’s actually hilarious that both me(convicted felon) and @Van (in tha military iirc) are both saying “yea ain’t no fucking reason for a civilian to own an assault rifle” Lmaoooo
12 Gauge shotgun
M4 Carbine(short m16)

I've been trained in all these weapons and HELL NO. People shouldn't be having anything more than a semiautomatic pistol at best. I've always disliked guns too. I prefer to be up close and personal.
You can try to bans gun or extremely limit it but that will deeply hurt your approval ratings and your regime popularity in the wider society and rural areas.

Considering that almost half of US believe people who try to bans guns are literals fascists, mainly due to their full support of imposing draconian Covid policies and forced vaccination and more people now than ever seem to believe the conspiracy theories like Great Reset, Great Replacement theory, One world government, *You will own nothing and be happy* etc any attempts will be redundant, there will be a massive pushback and solid chance to descent into civil war.

A politician can just use pro-gun and anti-fascist rhetoric to win the presidential seat.
yeah there's no need for civilians to own assault rifles.
Why not?

Besides the designation being arbitrary something like an AR-15 is just objectively way superior at home defense and also helps mitigate collateral damage.

Nobody blinks an eye at a 12 Gauge shotgun as it isn't an "Assault Rifle" and doesn't carry the connotation. But if you use one to defend your home you're probably more likely to shoot through multiple walls if you miss, blast your ears off if you fire it inside.

While the AR has much smaller rounds, can still pass through walls but much less so and can be mitigated further with specialized rounds. Modifications such as suppressors and red dot sights further make it a better choice for that purpose.
Homicides rates declining in Brazil ever since Bolsonaro made it easier for civillians to acquire firearms and lifted restrictions on many different calibers.Paraguay and Panama have the most liberal gun laws of Latin America.Paraguay is the safest country to the south and Panama the safest in central America.Gun control only helps criminals and dictators.Colombians are being disarmed right now,same thing happened in Venezuela not long ago and look what happened there.
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Too dangerous

People are governed by Quantum Mechanical processes in their brains, their behaviours are very complex

If Governments knew more about science they would also understand better about the social aspects of their people and the dangers and the complexity of society in the 21st century