Questions & Mysteries How can the 5 Supernova REALISTICALLY win the fight?

Not sure what you mean.
The 5 SN would have to beat Kaido, so anybody with the right understanding of the story would have to believe they can win right?

How to achieve it, Oda been demonstrating it in the last 3 chapters, just beat him through force, with stronger attacks. Kaido been taking damage from every attack of the SN, so more, and stronger, would do it eventually.
Luffy has his King Kong themed attacks in his arsenal, possibly more, like ACoA + G4 attacks, ACoA + King Kong themed attacks, even G5 or something, Zoro has his 3 sword style ougi, ashura mode, those are all upgrades to the attacks we've been seeing, not used yet, you can expect the same from Kidd and Law, wouldn't that do it? I mean, it kinda has to...
crocodile didnt pose a immediate threat to every one in alabasta its different with kaido because of SN lose this fight there is nothing stopping him killings every one on the spot. All crocodile wanted is to get more powerful he didnt care what happens to the people or who opposed him, Kaido on the other hand wants to enslave the people of Wano and will kill any one who opposed him and thats the difference.

Edit: like i said in short it doesnt make sense for the SN to lose if they lose there is no stopping Kaido from killing everyone in wano
? Yes he did lmao. None of you recall the bomb going off?

Kaido actually isn't trying to kill Wano citizens, unlike Crocodile. The island is going to land eventually.
? Yes he did lmao. None of you recall the bomb going off?

Kaido actually isn't trying to kill Wano citizens, unlike Crocodile. The island is going to land eventually.
Crocodiles goal was to get the ponygraph in order to get stronger and become the strongest pirate the bomb was a dead line for the straw hats to defeat him btu there were ways in which they could have stopped them, If they bomb failed there was no reason for crocodile to go and kill everyone because taht was never his goal ( the proof was pell was able to save everyone by flying with the bomb). In kaidos case its different because nothing will stop him if the SN fail. Unless you can give one scenario that makes sense where something is going to stop KAido from enslaving the people of Wano again and possibly killing alot of people in the prosses. And yes kaido is enslaving wano literally.


Typical argument " they'll die"
Kaido will not lose in act 3 or act 4 unless Yamauo confronts him, Navy comes, CoC clashes and his own flashbacks starts.

This is the dumb stuff people thought
"Retainers will win... or weaken Kaido coz they cant let Oden die in vain.. "

Forget about whatever... Kaidou using hybrid is like Katakuri using awakening vs g2/g3 luffy before he used boundman even.!
He hasn't been serious at all.
They must win. They maybe win to a yonkou But they cant to 2 yonkous.

# BM has Fire, Kaido too. But SN only Zoro, try to count Luffy's Gut too. SN need help from another who uses fire : marco/kinemon/sanji
# BM & kaido has lightning. SN need something
# Yonkous can fly. SN need to attack from close distance. Luffy, Law, Kidd can manage & maybe effectively make damage if only a yonkou.

SN still need help, e.g.
- ability that can stall a yonkou : marco / sanji invisibilty
- or 2 more of luffy
- or 9 revival of scabbards
Kaido vs Luffy, Kidd, Law, Killer, *Zoro for a moment*
--> luffy: "zoro, i take kaido, you take bm"
--> zoro: ".... ok..., captain"
BM vs Zoro + 9 Scabbards
"Zoro round up samurai"

Still no sanji though.
If you want to force, you can do it like:
After sanji solo queen, he flies to strike Both Yonkou with his invisibility.

2 yonkous will get distract to use CoO on sanji. "As expected from Judge son/ Mr. Prince wank". Then each side can do a finisher to make a huge damage to each Yonkou, so Yonkous HP is less than 50%.

Then the number of Yonkou side is half from the beginning number.

Done deals
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Only way is to fight Kaido alone, they were doing pretty good until BM kept jumping in. Pretty sure they can take on Kybrid if she's out of the pic.

Possible theory is another one of BP pirates got off the ship before Marco kicked it and is searching for Kaidos Red Poneglyph. Once they have it, they'll call BM and she'll dip with her crew.
One answer: Zoro:zosmug:
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Both Luffy and Zoro can get much stronger than what they have shown so far:
  • Luffy's
    • King attacks in G4
    • Boundman version of Red Hawk/Roc
    • Internal destruction COA
      • He doesn't seem to have been using it on all his Boundman attacks
    • Gear 5
  • Zoro
    • Fully acclimatising to Enma
      • Overflowing hardening on all three swords
    • Iaijutsu
      • ShiShi Sonson
      • Shi ShiShi Sonson
      • Rashomon
    • Upper tier Santoryu techniques
      • 1080 Pound Cannon
      • Nigori-Zake
      • Rokudo no Tsuji
      • Sanzen Sekai
      • Ichidai Sanzen Daisen Sekai
      • Other Ougi
    • Mihawk flashbacks
    • Asura
    • Nidai Kitetsu
Kaido is currently using more of his strength than either Luffy or Zoro. The above upgrades would enable the duo defeat Kaido.

Mama and the rest of the SN are irrelevant. It's whether Kaido falls that matters. Mama can easily be removed from the plot by various means.
Zoro is already comfortable with Enma.
Realistically they should be in their 40s and be much stronger but it’s a Shonen and of course 2 years of training + one week of training is enough to beat a legend like Kaido :seriously: now to answer the question, first I think a sixth person will also come to the roof (probably Yamato) and will help them. Luffy and Zoro will be the key to defeat him and I think Odas solution was really Luffy mastering ryou and Zoro mastering Enma. Maybe Big Mom will also snitch on Kaido and this will play a big role regarding his defeat.
Problem is, most shounen treat main villains as these "raid bosses" that are immune to almost any kind of gimmick.
You either beat them by force, or you get rekt.
"internal destruction" or "advanced haki to bypass scales" is the most "gimmick" we are gonna get.
Crocodile had the water thing, Enel had the rubber thing. After that, is power vs power. Lucci was like that, Moria was like that, Hody, Ceasar, Doflamingo, Katakuri, etc.
Dont expect a level of creativity from a man that needs to handle as much as Oda needs to handle.
Dude is already fucked up from all the workload. Demanding that he still keeps fights interesting and fresh at this point is just wishful thinking.
Except something more interesting coming characters like Usopp or Nami.
Always remember Aokiji and Kizaru using their Logia abilities to...create a freaking sword. LMAO.
Okay but then the question is,where will the supernovas even get the physical power to win?
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It is the climatic fight against the impossible odds. The whole point is that you think they will lose or that they cannot win and then...they win. Shonen 1.0.1
@Rivaille Okay fine then, how will they win?


𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭
Zoro is already comfortable with Enma.
His usage of Enma has been progressing with the fight:
While Zoro has essentially tamed Enma, he hasn't fully adapted to it and appears to have been drawing more power from it has the fight progressed.

In Chapter 1001 he didn't use any haki at all in Rengoku Oni Giri:

After his attack, Zoro commented that he needed to unleash the sword a bit more:
He does make some progress. In Chapter 1002 he uses overflowing hardening with an Ittoryu technique:
In Chapter 1003 he finally uses hardening on all 3 swords, but only overflows it through Enma:

Maybe when next the fight resumes, Zoro will overflow his hardening through all three swords?
This fight on the rooftop? Unless Big Mom gets taken out of the equation, they can't, and even then the chances of Kaido losing right now is slim. Kaido is a mythical Zoan, pretty much 100 percent going to be awakened, and has insane regenerative abilities,. There is no way that's not going to come into play at least once before Wano's end.