Character Discussion I'll say it: Did Oda ruin Sanji ?

Did Oda ruin Sanji ?

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Any idea how he "obtained" that thing? 🤔

I suppose molecular friction by mach speeds can indeed work out perhaps and Queen was wrong. Though it'd look weird he was.
The very first time it was shown, Sanji was pissed about Jabra trashtalking Robin. He got "heated up by anger" as the main source of the ability

There is a theory that, on Sora's attempt to make her children keep their emotions (and basically affecting the whole modifications inevitably) she ended up giving to Sanji the capability of turning his emotions into Attack Power, its like the process had gone much far than the expected initially, which was simply keeping their human empathy

And there is also the CoC possibility, similar to how Asura seems to be Zoro's CoC manifestation somehow...
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Enma is a training tool, not a power-up.
It still builds a way to become stronger, thats the point here, every power up is a training tool in a way, since you will get better with it the more you're forced to and the more you get used to it, depending on the situations.
Am I the only one who liked the development that Sanji got in WCI? Sanji's goal isnt to be the strongest or king in anything it's just to cook and chill with the ladies. He saved thousands of innocent lives in WCI by baking BM the wedding cake and got back at his shitty family by denouncing Germa at his mercy.

Him being strong as he is is just simply a bonus. He doesnt need to be strong as Admirals or Yonkos cause that was never his goal in anything

What i do not like is how the past two years of training have basically served to do nothing for him except become a gag. All those attack recipes and whatever and not a single one used. None of the SHs have commented on power boosts gotten from his cooking. Skywalk isnt even an okama thing ffs :sanjimeh:
That is still the same. Doesn't matter how or what he gets... he is getting something just to overcome a plot point. At least if it was something that was introduced in WCI itself where we had the shitty germa plot or at the very least before onigashima. It would be a bit more acceptable(not for me though). This is not nothing new though with oda's shitty way of PUs with luffy...but doesn't mean it makes the other ok.
But his transformation isn't something that he will need it to feel like his a threat high tiers something that the other members of the monster trio have and also if idea of a DJ transformation is true sanji isn't getting it just to get past a single plot point it at least has three plot plot points going for it.
  • His able to deafet queen
  • He get pat some of his baggage with his father think his weak him having emotions
  • He actual can feel like his par with high tier like the rest of the monster trio.
It was stated in WCI that Sanji had his mutant gene like his siblings. It's not surprising nor is his character worse for getting the pu. It's explained and it's a hell of a lot better than going from struggling with vet level characters physically to magically beating 1 of the strongest yc's with no explanation. If he did this just with the RS than that would me the RS by it's self is more powerful than Sanji as it'd make up more than half his power which is dumb.


Well, the way I see it, Oda had two options

a) he could make Sanji reach heights his shit family couldn’t even dream of, through his own powers like Haki and things he learned from Zeff and Ivankov, people who actually cared about him


b) he could make Sanji reach heights his shit family couldn’t even dream of, but having to rely on the experiments of said shit family, making me wonder if Judge did have a point about him being a failure after all.

Can’t really fathom why he went for option b, I know it’s a kamen rider reference but it doesn’t half leave a bad taste in the mouth. It’s literally all thanks to Judge and Niji that Sanji isn’t dead right now. The justification being “Sanji still has his emotions so Judge was wrong” and “science is the power of mankind” isn’t really enough to answer my distaste for the whole thing.

Also doesn’t help how boring and one-dimensional the Vinsmokes are. If you’re going to have Sanji struggle with his family heritage, you have to at least make that family slightly interesting and not card-carrying villains. The only slightly interesting thing Judge has ever done is cry at the Tea Party.
Damn, couldn't agree more.

Great post!
Enma is a training tool, not a power-up.
People don’t understand that.
Enma is not comparable with the RS or Sanji’s genetic modifications.
The only thing Enma does is to release the haki of the wielder. You need to master it first. Zoro trained for a week and got stronger in the process.
The RS and generic modifications are an instant Power Up. Sanji didn’t train, he got stronger within seconds.
Sanji was way weaker than Queen, that’s a fact and Oda chose a weird way to make them even.
at first judge deemed sanji is a failure because
1. he don,t have exoskeleton n super strength like his brother
2. he have emotion
because judge want his kids to became perfect war machine but sora sacrifice herself to made sanji grow up as normal person.
but now sanji got his rs n then develop power like judge son so sora sacrifice is in Vain?
and kinda ironic that sanji got power up not by training but by gene modification that he hate .... in the end he cannot prove judge wrong because he also MODIFIED HUMAN :kayneshrug:
but power up is still power up it,s just handle badly by oda