Anime & Manga Imagine spamming the same stuff for almost 4 years and being completely wrong at it.Whats your excuses ZNerds

The whole "you learn the name from eating it" was a mistranslation, what it actually says is you can learn the name from seeing what powers you get and then reading the devil fruit book.
Doesn't matter how you spin it he changed Luffy's DF. Luffy didn't even know he was a Zoan type. The same happened to Katakuri. He was supposed to be a logical type.

But of course people can't admit that because some believe they can't be wrong even if they have been wrong about Zoro in the past.
Looks like they will reside in Wano a little bit longer, with an admiral coming and the WG planning further actions. With Kaido's presumed fate being as off paneled as it can get with him being spit out of Wano with no one to witness, there is still room for discussion.
Love to see it. After the full on headcanon and swordsman, swordsman, swordsman and agendas…just to prop Zoro higher. It was at another level for most of Onigashima. To the point it felt like they were reading a different manga