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Yep, found it. Lol.
Bruh. :kriwhat:
Though that is even more hype for Gokei san:madmonk:
Gokei's entire military career be like.
That B rank though. At some point of the story, Heavenly Gifted Sweaty Heki reached his same experience, Gokei will probably get surpassed by him at any given moment now :sanmoji:
End of this campaign, Heki gets A Rank Experience after a lifetime of military jobbing. :goatasure:
They were out of their primes bro. In their primes:
"Shuki and Maki, the two loyal subordinate Generals of Great General Gokei, could be considered to be of the same fame of Renpa's four Heavenly Kings and Rinshoujo's Ten Heroes."

Prime Maki ~ Gyou’Un, extreme diff.

Gokei's entire military career be like.
A double-edged sword. Not backing down in the face of a threat had risen his strength tremendously throughout the years.

Unlucky that he had to be so stubborn against Duke Hyou of all people, lol.
Not backing down from challenges in general (not necessarily 1vs1s, where he could obviously back down), sure. Gokei clearly overcame trials in his growth to reach that level.

Against the Duke in that circumstance though, he was an idiot. Completely different thing.
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Kingdom fans how do you about the fact that kingdom will be a 10000+ manga that will take decades to finish?
I think Kingdom will be around the same length as One Piece, roughly around 1200 chapters. Zhao and Chu will be the most difficult states to conquer for Qin. I think the other states will be handled in one seperate arc in which we will see each state's full military capacity. Also, when we actually get to the Chu war the younger trio will likely be fully fledged great generals meaning that significant portions of the state will be conquered in a relatively fast pace (chapter wise)

Kingdom fans how do you about the fact that kingdom will be a 10000+ manga that will take decades to finish?
I am in absolutely no rush to see this story end.

For me, Kingdom has been the most consistently rewarding and exciting series to follow for years. It supplanted One Piece years ago (even if I do think One Piece remains better overall).

I say keep 'em coming.
Shin's single status should actually be more problematic to Ei Sei.

One of my major gripes with Hara is that he's pretty much dropped the vast majority of political dynamics and intrigue from the story.

If he hadn't, the story would rightfully be treating Shin as the political entity he is: a renowned general at the head of a powerful army known and feared across all of China. More importantly, he is a sworn sword and ally to the king, to whom he owes his name, lands and titles (and probably a city by now, if Hara still cared). His descendants will presumably grow up up deeply loyal to the royal family and dedicate generations in their service.

To that end, Sei should be the one pressuring Shin to marry the most at this point. Realistically, Shin should be a highly desirable candidate for marriage, and it would make sense of Sei to use that to his advantage politically - to match Shin with an eligible daughter of a reputable family, perhaps one formerly aligned with Ryuu Fui or whoever - hell, perhaps it's Sei Kyou's widow, I could easily see a story line where she's being pressured to marry and it being Ei Sei's idea to arrange her into marriage of convenience with Shin.
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