Mihawk bounty speculation (vs BB bounty Bet thread)

Will Mihawk have a higher bounty than BlackBeard

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We have all discussed everything there is it to discuss about Mihawk in terms of Strength, Portrayal, feats, backstory, lore, and every other possible thing to discuss.

Now don't bring that discussion here UNLESS you provide a Bounty speculation. This is about bounty. The discussions here are not about proving a point to anyone. Just end your discussions with a bounty and that's it.
Mihawk bounty would be the day Mihawk fandom would get another Vista level moment ...

it's cause all of Mihawk fans dare say Mihawk bounty should be above TEACH!

let it be known that

said Mihawk bounty > Teach Bounty ....

just in case for future ...
I am sure there were more of us who said that Mihawk's bounty is above 2.2Bil. :wonderland:
He got way less influence in the NW a guy stronger than Shanks should have

Probably 2-3 billions range but it could of been double that
a guy with no ally
a guy who have no real danger for WG
a guy who Marine didn't give a real fuck about him in hunting him down
a guy with no political power

have 4-6 Bil bounty ....

hmmm... surprisingly enough that's second stupid claim in your post after Mihawk > Shanks .... :smithnie:
Maybe it will not be above Teach's bounty, but 2 B is 100% legit claim to me.

And for a lone wolf 2B is a crazy bounty.

He is stronger than all admirals but Akainu and all Yonkou but Kaido.
He is the number 4 in the verse as for now, just right after Dragon, Kaido and Akainu.

Yonkou wank is over thanks to Oden, from now on is Admirals and Mihawk era (+ Teach and Dragon)


Yup! I'm purrty strong!
It'd probably be in the 2 - 3Billions range max, while banking more on the 2Billions to represent a bounty above commanders and potential yonkos, but below legit yonkos. I believe the reason the yonkos have large bounties is because:

- They have strong and multiple subordinates
- They have allies, territories and influence in part of the new world the World government is trying to control
- They managed to maintain their yonko suprematie for long, with their threat level growing through years of pillage over other countries/territories
- The fact some of them have road poneglyphs potentially allowing them to know the path to Raftel may play a role in their threat level as well

For the first 2, it's basically what represent Blackbeard's current bounty. For the final two, it's probably part of what played to inflate Kaido, Big Mom and presumably Shanks' bounty. As Oda said in an SBS, being part of a yonko crew inflates your bounty and that's because they share part of the world with the world government when they try to rule over everything, as well as being close to the mysteries of one piece(with the road poneglyphs)

Another example of this could be seen with Luffy, who barely defeated a billions bounty man, but got 500millions more increase from the discovery the Strawhat Grandfleet was under him, and he isn't even a yonko yet

So as i think as far as individuel strength is concerned, a yonko bounty likely range around the 2 Billions+, with other influential factors(like their strong subordinates, allies, territories, long term influence in the new world) playing a part in inflating their bounties. In Mihawk's case however, he is a loner, so his bounty will represent his strength alone

- Yonko level
- Fucked up with marine
- Stole another DF
- won a war
- create a massive crew
- stole DF form all around the world

2.3 Bil


- below Yonko level clearly
- no crew
- no danger
- got fired form WG
- never changed the world even a tiny bit

Mihawk fandom : well 3 Bil seem reasonable ... or you know ... more
Me : :whitepress:

Yonko influence their bounties not the other way around.

It's because Yonko are powerful that's why they have allies and territories

Yonko individually are worth 2-3 billions
1-2 billions for what they have as allies o
r territories and RPs

Anyway :
Mihawk isn't worth more than 1.5 individually
WG didn't even send an admiral after him
That's how less dangerous they view him
a guy with no ally
a guy who have no real danger for WG
a guy who Marine didn't give a real fuck about him in hunting him down
a guy with no political power

have 4-6 Bil bounty ....

hmmm... surprisingly enough that's second stupid claim in your post after Mihawk > Shanks .... :smithnie:
You are so agitated man relax
Mihawks frozen bounty if its revealed will be 1.7 billion.

People forget that the mihawk we see today has undergone two major character changing situations. He lost shanks as a rival and then he travelled around the world and challenged everyone until he became WSS.

These two things changed Mihawk a considerable amount to the point that hes the laid back and bored guy we see today. There is No guarantee that Mihawk was this relaxed back in the day. Therefore it's very possible that on top of his strength, he was actually infamous.

Next point is that Mihawk CHOSE TO BE A WARLORD AFTER HE WAS WSS. This means that he was world famous in strength already by the time his bounty was frozen.

These are the reasons Mihawk's frozen bounty is 1.7 billion

Mihawks unfrozen bounty is 2.7 billion.

The reason for this is Warlords had a lot of privileges apparently. They were allowed into mariejois and had meetings with the top brass of the World. Doffy even used to get special missions from the gorosei. I think by virtue of being warlords, they have access to certain information that regular pirates don't for example the lay out of mariejois. Maybe Crocodile even learned about pluton and poneglyphs because of being a warlord. This information will raise all the warlords' bounties up.

The next reason why Mihawks bounty will be 2.7 billion is that Warlords still commit crimes. Mihawk was stated to have barely responded to the governments' summons until recently so that's a crime. Mihawk also harbored criminals like Zoro and perona. He took over an island. He disobeyed orders again at marineford when he left after Shanks showed up. Generally, mihawk still committed crimes as a warlord, it's just that they weren't directly affecting a mass group of people like Crocodile and doffy so he government chose to ignore them in exchange for Mihawk's services. Now all those things will be brought back for the new bounty.

An obvious other reason for a bounty increase is that the government doesn't know how strong mihawk has gotten since. I mean they have to make a reasonable estimate of this for the years that have passed and translate it into bounty.

The other reason is that Mihawk will avoid capture obviously. According to how serious Akainu is with capturing the warlords, he will send an appropriate caliber of opponents and military might to capture mihawk and they will get decimated because the plot says so and so the marines will have to again add on destroying of all these marines as a crime he committed

In the end, Mihawk's new bounty will be 2.7 billion
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