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Who will win the Finals? (2022-23 season)

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I do think the Warriors aren’t going to the finals this year, teams are bolder in the West now. Memphis is better, Dallas is better, Denver is better, the Wolves might be better depending on how they feel then you got the Clippers and Blazers.. it is going to be a dog fight all the way through barring any injuries. Even the Thunder might make the playoffs with MVP Shai, they have no reason to tank.
No pelicans??? Well good thing you didn't brought the hype my team look mediocre even in they wins lol they haven't shown they can dominate for a 5 game stretch
Draymond was trash in the final to the point they benched him. He was more focused on his podcast than the games. Klay wasnt good either. Poole and exceeded expectations. Dont forget that Poole was in G league and Wiggins was a certified flop. It was Steph's unbelievable performance that helped them win.
I mean people are saying Steph is playing better than ever right now and the team is worse. I get what you mean but they did play better last year. They were #1 on defense last year so they could keep games close if they were struggling. Right now, they're one of the worst.

How could Dirk's Mavericks beat Bron's Heat then? Its rare, but it does happen
I wouldn't say that's the case either. Look at their roster and look at MIA's roster. Basically, MIA didn't really figure it out in their 1st year together. DAL had lots of shooters that got hot at the right time.
Pelicans 11-7 four games over 500 and been dominant in they last two wins and not mediocre :goyea:now they play Grizzlies Friday hopefully zion don't try to dodge Ja again and go head to head win him for the first time majority of the fandom think you better than him prove it let see who the better player for this month and can lead/help the team to the win
Grizzlies is kicking the pelicans ass that a reason zion didn't want ja play head up till now lol morant looking like the better draft pick so far zion 5-7 12 points but it not impactful while ja 15 points is