Future Events Nerona Imu or BlackBeard D. Teach for the FV?

Who will be the Final Villain?

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I remember learning that talking about yourself in the third person is usually a childish trait in Japanese media. Also, their thing with the Mother Flame was like a kid wanting to play with a new toy.
I have no idea on that, my only exposure to that is the fact Sesshomaru in Inuyasha speaks in the same manner as Imu and he isn’t childish or presented in that way
Do you really believe that BB and the fodders he calls his crew, have a chance against WG? Luffy's crew has chances to win against BB in direct fight now. To fight Wg they will have to become stronger

Aokiji is going to hard carry if BB want to even stand a chance against Shank and his crew
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I’m surprised a lot more people aren’t on board for that idea (current op user reversing Imu’s immortality).

It’s pretty much the only way for Law to stay relevant.
Luffy doesn't kill his villains tho, so what would be the point.

I could see Luffy pushing Imu through the red line and letting them sink underwater, to live eternally in the darkness of the ocean.

Law will be there regardless of him dying or not, we were already told in DR his fruit is the key to the treasure of marejois

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People are too sentimental. Law has had a great run in the manga. Dying as a vital part of defeating the evil that has oppressed the world for centuries is something few side characters could ever dream of!
Honestly, if Law is the key to reverse Imu's immortality so that Luffy could defeat Imu, I don't mind Law dying tbh.
It's Imu

Teach is just Obito /Aizen
Xebec is Madara/Aizen
Imu is Kaguya /Yhwach
Obito wasn't hyped as a rival to main character through the beginning of the series. Obito was defeated by Kakashi lmao.

Kaguya was a secret until the last battle, Oda already exposed Imu's secret much earlier.

Also Kaguya was defeated by both Naruto+Sasuke, not by Naruto.

Who is Luffy's Sasuke?


It is a possibility. If the ope ope operation was actually done in the OP world then there must be a way to undo it.

If something is taken it is taken, but if something is added on the other hand.. let's say Law removes an heart, if the yami user touches that then the ooe power in the person can be undone but the heart can not be teleported back, so the insides turn in a mess said people dies almost immediately, if an arm is cut by a df then BB of course can not make it come back, same as this.

But if a body gets a plus thanks to a df, be it make flames, turn into strings.... And probably become immortal too, then I think it could work. But it is just an hypothesis.
Definitely there is something to counter immortality but don't think it's BB fruit

Either it's Nika somehow or current user of ope ope no mi himself
Or the immortality is not from the ope ope, Oda had Iva remembering exactly that because that is what every reader would think, and instead it is related to some other factor and only a "D." can actually destroy it (and that is why Imu hates the D.).
It shouldn't be any different than having a DF power since its immortality comes directly from Ope DF and the Ope user sacrificing its life to accomplish it. Similar to how DF user needs to die before someone else taking the DF.

A different version of Brook's DF, if Teach uses darkness on Brook, Brook won't be able to reassemble his bones again. Or Marco can heal from even Haki attacks, but if Teach uses darkness on him he won't be healing while being hold by darkness.

Teach knew about Ope immortality, perhaps thats why Teach searched the darkness fruit, to counter someone who become immortal with Ope DF, not only counter Nika DF hax + other Hax DF abilities.
Oda really buffed the WG line up with Imu + Fleet Admiral + Kong + 3 Admirals + 5 Gorosei + 9 Holy Knights + Seraphim + Mother Flame + The rest of Marine HQ that sides with them.

BB doesn't have this measure of power to be final villain above the WG.
I think even if you argue that the marines get taken out separately, the WG alone has more manpower than any other organization, assuming the Gorosei are as strong as most people think allng with God Knights. Theres also just the personell we dont know about yet.
I’m surprised a lot more people aren’t on board for that idea (current op user reversing Imu’s immortality).

It’s pretty much the only way for Law to stay relevant.
Yeah, that had become so obvious since Dressrosa, that probably the Ope Ope user can give his life to undo the immortality, that's seems to be the whole reason Oda made Law a D. and that's why Law was able to escape Teach.