Who will be the Next Strawhat?

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Because he's on the Sunny :gokulaugh:

Reclaimed all my W's with Mihawk baby :hapnoel:
Just because someone is on the Sunny doesn't mean that it's written to be a Nakama. Of course, this can change later, but using this argument and ignoring what was actually written just to put a agenda seems biased to me.
But I said my piece and voted. It's not like this will be something that will be show soon.
I mean, she's gone bruh. Caribou is in the barrel. Carrot wouldn't hide in a barrel for days. It's basically over at this point. Just accept her farewell was offscreened. She'll be relevant with Yamato when Pluton is revealed.
The only explanation left (literally) is that she had the Fishman Island mermaid treatment and is inside his... room? What even is it?? with food and stuff. I think this was demonstrated during the whole Udon prison mini arc, but if this is the case it would be THE weirdest nakama introduction ever and I don't know if I'd want her to join the crew that way... :parkcry:
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I didn't even see Raizo :gokulaugh:

Well done @Uncle Van :cheers:
Raizo, the Lord of the Rings :gokulaugh:
Never understood that argument, if Caribou can be in a barrel for days why not Carrot?

Edit: In fact that's what Ino/neko did
Inu and Neko weren't confirmed to be hiding in anything lol. They were just hiding generically for days until Oden got on the ship officially.

It would be really weird for Carrot to join later and NOT be part of Luffy's entire dream convo right before.

For anyone joining later, he can just say it again when it's relevant, but it's odd to have her around when he just explained it to his crew. Unironically, Yamato is the only other "strawhat" to know about it.
Crew needs a Logia.

I think its Smoker. Strawhat crew is already crazy as it is, an ex Marine would be icing on the cake.

White hair
Unique Weapon
Good guy
Known character, since the beginning

He will get his backstory too. Who names his child Smoker? Its not his real name. Why is he on the Marine side even though he was hyped seeing Roger? Why does he hate pirates so much? Something happened in his childhood...