Who will be the next Strawhat

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@RecoomeBoom is actually the first one to suggest Yamato joining

I'm going to make a wild guess and say Yamato. He's going to be the greenhorn/cabin boy of the crew. I find it strange that Kaido's son is suddenly introduced, I don't see what the purpose is if he's just another fighter. Where would he go once Kaido is defeated? He would have to be an integral part of the story after Wano.

Plus Oda never fails to give sympathetic backstories to every emperor before their defeat. There will be an explanation for Kaido's alcoholism and cruelty and how Yamato came to be.
That was in May

Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
False. But think whatever.
Go back to the date chapter 983 was out, I was here preaching Yamato joining even before her face was shown lol. Precisely for what she was saying to Luffy (ive been waiting for you!)

Not saying i was even first though
@RecoomeBoom is actually the first one to suggest Yamato joining

That was in May

(Although that’s some nice work with the shot in the dark, @RecoomeBoom!)
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Fuck you laughing at, buddy? When she joins, you’ll have been wrong the entire time...

(Although that’s some nice work with the shot in the dark, @RecoomeBoom!)
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Fuck you laughing at, buddy? When she joins, you’ll have been wrong the entire time...
Maybe I wasn't clear, I've been wanting Kaidou to have a Daughter for awhile now, and this was even from last year probably (could be wrong but w/e)... Turns out I was right, I think people even laughed at me...
Easy, one´s dream is to become Shogun, stated in Dressrosa.
And the other still has not grown up, the reasons why she could not leave in the past are still relevant and valid, at best Luffy is renewing the promise like he did with Shirahoshi.

So yeah, idk how someone can come to the conclusion they are joining, this also applies to Kinemon as well.

To put it as simple as possible,

Momo is not destined to be the shogun at least not now , the whole arc has been building up how he's weak and can't be the shogun and has to learn a lot more cause Momo is not Oden

As for Tama , the promise that Ace made will be fulfilied by Luffy that's something I'm confident on both her and Yamato wants to set sail to the seas and be free something Luffy values and understand even more than Ace

I would say out of the three Momo is the least confident one about but the only reason i included Momo is just because the 2 cabin boys and you can talk all you want about parallels but Oda maintain these and the fact Roger had 2 cabin boys that were extremely young will repeat here , that's without mentioning that Yamato said to Momo he's the one that will bring the dawn HIM AND LUFFY together.

Just because a character gets focus during an arc (and has met Ace) doesn’t mean they’re gonna join the crew...

Give me a single character that asked Luffy to join his crew and was this heavily set up and I will not talk back again, you have 1000 chapters you could even go back to Vivi's moments who had insane setup to join the crew

read chapter by chapter , Vivi was even featured in the cover pages and story covers that only the SHs get even Jinbei after saying I will join in both FI and WCI wasn't put in the cover pages with the SH til recently ... Everything made sense that Vivi would join but there was a big responsiblity she couldn't leave behind as the princess

And you could say the same for Momo (if u want to ignore everything he has gone through) , you can't say the same for Tama and Yamato.
At this time, Carrot is 90% a strawhat
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It's 100% clear that Carrot is going to join the Strawhats as well, whether you like it or not.
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Ulti's just been introduced and she's already a better and more interesting character than Carrot. Ouch
and she still is.
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I get that, but we don't know definitively shes super weak. And all.
And I get the BM or F6 people or whatever.
My take was she's a daughter of Oden who was strong as hell, shit should run in the blood type of outlook.
Well shit. I know I was wrong on Hiyori... But Oden 2.0 I've said it, so it somehow works! lol
I just solved the Mystery again,
Strawhat will have GoMu members -> (5+6) = 11 members
Monster 5s ( Luffy, Zoro, Yamato, Sanji, Jinbe )
Weaker 6s ( Franky, Robin, Brook, Nami, Chopper, Ussop) :akaman:
and to categorize it Further for EOS
Yonko Tier+: Luffy (Roger+)
Yonko Tier: Zoro (WB)
Admiral Tier: Yamato (Rayleigh)
Yonko Commander 1: Sanji (Scopper Gabban)
Yonko Commander 3: Jinbe (Cracker)
Top Veterans: Franky (Law)
My ideal crew :akaman:
Oh shit. I think Minatoze got it first!
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Chopper is trash now. Yamato over Chopper anyday:cheers:
You know what's up!
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GTFO with that stupid b*tch. Hope Perospero kills her.
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