One Piece Chapter 1,073: "Miss Buckingham Stussy"

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- Zoro > Blackbeard confirmed.
- Gorosei hype finally.
- Stussy negged Lucci when G5 Luffy worked overtime til he turned to an old man and couldn't knock him out lol. Luffy fans that were spamming that Zoro couldn't oneshot Kaku last week, what happened?
Kaku got sneak attacked while lucci got his ass handed fair and square. Lmao oda trolling goofy and his brainlets with this chapter.

Sanji clapped S-Shark.
S-Hawk clapped Zoro.

S-Shark bigger/older (stronger) then S-Hawk confirmed.

In other words, Sanji>Zoro right now. Sanjis bare leg>enma right now.
Zorotards stay in your place Luffy neg diff one shots Zoro with base conquerors burst get your boy past the cook first, LOL.
What a goofy take. Sanji sneak attacked Shark with DJ and did 0 damage, while Zoro casually toyed with hawk.
The only thing Smoothie did.
Smoothie was all design and no purpose

is this the guy from arnold park or his brother or something
Sounds like something Oda may answer in an upcoming SBS.
The character looks too different from Nezumi in Nami's arc but you never know. Oda's style changed a lot over the years.
The character's role is also very similar. Looks like a copy paste of the events in Nami's village
This also confirms that Ryokugyu didnโ€™t take hostages and beat Weevil straight up.

He then showed up at Wano with no damage.

So he beat Weevilโ€™s ass BAREHANDED without taking damage? Jesus heโ€™s built different
Does he know that not only was the fight probably a high/extreme diff but also it took place about a week before Aramaki went to Wano?