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Go and ask a Japanese native speaker then, what Big Mom means by it. I've given you the Japanese panel.

Or do you want me to do it?

Better yet ask Stephen Paul himself if you have the means to whether she means to get out of the way etc.
Questioning Stephen Paul only when zoro wank doesn't work
Questioning Viz tol

When Erkan does it ...you guys bash hjm and use Viz like some god tier translation and call him names

Like I always say it, you guys aret worst.

The context and manga proves that kaido never dodged, zoro missed . Thats it.
BM also wqs wary of Enma not Zoro. That's why she says they underestimated them.

Viz or Fanscans ... Kaido didn't dodge.
While reading all these arguments, all i can think of is "why didn't Big Mom warn Kaido about every single attack then?"
Because not all the attacks are slow enough to be warnable with enought time to be dodgable after warning also.

This attack would have done damage if Kaido let his defenses down and took it to prove a point, no one is seriously denying that, it wouldn't have knocked kaido out of the fight though.
If Oden, the master of Enma couldn't knock out a weaker Kaido with nittoryu full power slash, I don't think someone who hasn't fully mastered Enma and needs to focus all his energy as an ittoryu strike to utilize it optimally is knocking out Kaido with it either.
Not open for further replies.