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Don't know about others. But I'm not ignoring anything.
Kaido dodged the uber godspeedblitz man, right before he launched his attack.
I also dont ignore the fact that both Kaido and Big mom noticed specifically the sword, and Kaido sensed Oden's aura from IT.
He didnt look at Zoro and "saw Oden" like he did with Luffy.
He just looked at the blade. The thing about Enma carrying a part of Oden's will, and, consequently, Oden's Haki, looks way more probable each chapter.
I simply can't see the zoro hype. Looks crystal clear that, up to this point, Oda is just wanking Oden more and more with every thing Zoro achieves with Enma.
Never liked this sword, since it was introduced, never liked Oden. Gonna be very happy when Wano is over and this character becomes at least less talked about. Each chapter that comes out and someone talks about this trash ass sword makes it impossible for me to enjoy Zoro's portrayal. No matter if he solo both Yonkos. If I wanted to like characters just because they were strong, I wouldn't even folow One Piece, I would be following Dragon Ball. lol
BM: You underestimated HIM

Cope candyboi
Great action chapter, the last couple of chapters Oda's has delivered the best action in years but besides that it's like nothing really happened.

Another Luffy moment but three chapters with the same its too alredy much, perhaps the greatest advance in the plot was that Kaid oand BM no longer believe that they are just a group of brats playing pirates games and maybe the other interesting thing is that they recognized Enma but they imply that its a "magical sword" and more connected to Oden's power than we previously thought.
Not open for further replies.