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Luffy clearly has the best showing. Dude tanked Boro blast and is uppercutting Kaido like Smash bro's. Kid also manhandling Kaido is nice to.

Zoro doesn't impress me. It's like saying Tony Stark>>>>>Thanos just because he used the infinity gauntlet. Beat Kaido with a normal sword my guy
"Beat Kaido without DF, my guy"
"Beat Kaido without robot, my guy"
"Beat Kaido without Haki, my guy"


To find the All Blue!
It’s funny because no one talking about the wheeze or him getting hit which is odd
he wheezing is normal. He doesn't control Enma properly yet, and he must have sent a huge chunk of Haki on that attack. Haki is an expendable resource, so it must take a toll on you using huge amounts on a single attack. He was in mid air, doesnt have geppou or law TP. He can't dodge a lightning that have a mind on its own and can follow people. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Ryuo isn't the only way to hurt Kaido. He acknowledges all of them countering his durability. Gamma knife makes sense for what it does to hurt Kaido. Luffy uses Ryuo.

And Kidd just going Unga Bunga and using brute force
That's funny. Kaido went from an unkillable monster to a fragile fish in an instant.

He can jump off Skypiea and be fine but all of a sudden brute force hurts him.
Big Mom back in WCI.

Big Mom in Wano.
Tbf she's also shivering from Luffy on the last page. I get that this is a big deal but lol these yonko haven't even gotten serious yet. Big mom barely using her strength and sword, let alone soul powers outside of her 3 homies. Kaido hasn't even gone hybrid. Neither have shown awakening. This is gonna be a massively brutal fight
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