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To find the All Blue!
Leaving the Oden's reincarnation out of the way...

I like Kidd's robot more and more. It might not be the most effective thing against Kaido, but it's still fucking awesome.
Killer's attack looks like some kind of weird ass "sonic projection" that makes his blades seem bigger, but it's actually waves, so that's why it can "pierce" Kaido? Some kind of "ghost blade". Kinda cool, actually.
Law didnt do anything that we havent seen already, gonna wait until he uses some new tricks.
Luffy purely tanking the fire breath with "guts" was cool. He wasn't unscathed, but took it like a champ.


Me trying to read the chapter

Shit was flaaaames 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Especially how epic Big Mom is :steef:

  • Poor Hattori :josad: he doesn't deserve those other pigeons stealing his food

  • Oda has become so adept at utilizing static art to convey sense of force. His technique blends negative space + art lines + speed lines + panel gutters in such a unique way, the still action shots feel incredibly dynamic. Honestly, light years ahead of his early work.

  • The Yonko seem to be taking the fight semi-seriously. They’re sending out feelers. This is just warm up as far as I’m concerned, I expect Kaido and Linlin to deal some heavy damage soon. I also expect Marco to restart the fight after healing injured Supernova.

  • Killer and Zoro’s participation has been refreshingly on point thus far. Not captains, but they’re worthy of the main stage.

  • Gear 4th wouldn’t be thrown around so casually unless Luffy is saving a new technique/gear/form. I believe that’s a safe bet. Does advanced COA control bypass Gear 4th time limit?

  • Tsundere Law is hilarious. Denying you’re a part of the circus as an attempt to safeguard your edgelord image won’t work buddy. Just accept your Strawhats Clown membership card :suresure:

  • I wanted to create a thread about emotional scars affecting physical combat in One Piece. Zoro/Enma/Kaido/Oden scene gave me more ammo. I’ll probably hold off until additional exploration on this specific theme.
Not open for further replies.